Atmos: The World of Us


Can’t wait to try this out! :slight_smile:


Aww man! Last I tried I barely made it half way and now you added MORE. Lol! I have no idea how those scorpions didn’t kill me before.


Am I the only person who didn’t know this thing even existed?!?
Must… Try… Soon!!!


I will try to join. Congrats!


Your missing out on life go on it ASAP


Introducing the Atmos Address System!

Hey guys!

Atmos is obviously a really big world, and sometimes trying to visit a friend or find a build can be a bit daunting!

To help make things easier, I’ve created an all-new Address System for Atmos. That’s right - everyone who owns land in the Spheres now has their own address!

Here’s what a standard address looks like:

Pretty straightforward, right? Here’s another example:

All you have to think about when finding an address is:

  1. Whch station is it at?
    The station number is shown at every subway station.
  2. Is it on the ground or in the sky?
    Some areas have Sky Plots. To access them, simply go up the elevator in the middle of the station.
  3. Do I go left or right after getting off at the station?

And that’s it!

As you may know, there’s also a Spotlight Platform above many stations.

These are notated as SP. For example, Capture the Gems is on a Spotlight Platform. Its address is V2-SP.

For Hubs, the notation is H. For example, the address for the Zen Hub is M9-H

The Vision Core’s address is V11-C, and the Memory Core’s is M11-C.

The entrance to Donkey Daredevil is M15-SR, and the BH Community Gallery is V13-GL. Etc etc :slight_smile:

Just remember the Vision/Memory layout:

:arrow_left: Vision :large_blue_circle: SPAWN :large_blue_circle: Memory :arrow_right:

Beyond station M22 is Off the Grid City. The subway continues, but since each build or district more or less has its own station, so there is no Address System for Off the Grid City.

Thanks so much for playing, I hope this makes life a bit easier :slight_smile:

The Crown of Artemis
The Palace of Midas



It’s a bit confusing but once you understand it’s
Very good at saving you time


Aww! The address on the stations will make it SO much easier!


I find this very confusing but it sounds cool.


Why was I banned, I did nothing?
Please unban me.:sob:




I think once we get used to it it’ll help :sweat_smile:

@DanRockerr hello, you were banned for repeatedly breaking a few of our chat rules.


this is easily the best building server ever, and it’s still in it’s early stages!
you never disappoint :slight_smile: @MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY


Thank Gar! Hope I can catch up with u later :smiley:


Well, could you unban me? This is really the only server that I play on.


We usually give people who were banned for chat-related stuff a second chance, so I’ll unban you in a couple of days Dan.




I’m about to throw my iPad out of the window because I got banned from the server:dead:


Please unban me before I have wasted $600