Atmos: The World of Us


I need a goal, a job, a task to do when on servers and MFS was ok with me clocking the tc markers right of spawn…
The two hundred tc marker was a wide surface to space Celtic pattern… it’s all backwall so players can make their pathway across it.
It boggled my brain to start with, trying to remember the pattern… now, I reckon I could do it with my eyes closed!!! :joy: got bored at times and did a few circles and then tried some patterns within the pattern.

The 300tc marker is a skinnier version of 200… with a few circles thrown in…

Am at the 400marker and about to do something prolly a lot smaller there…


WOW!!! Holy mackerel!!! I can’t wait to see them in person!!!


Hello again!
I found a fourth Cave Troll today!

I’m gonna name this one Fury.
I named the third Troll Brutus, btw.

Again, I request anyone who comes across this guy to not harm him or take his ice torches. Those who harm him, well… They’re going to suffer a horrible death from my other 3 Trolls.


I have the sudden urge to put a sign that says “Nice Cave Troll!” because that is one nice cave troll.


How do you find the time, Caron?? Beautiful as always.


Maybe do something that blends with the theme of that part of the server??? Like if the section with the dark & scary theme were close by, you could do an Escher-like column of bats. Or if the fantasy theme were close by, you could do a tall band of magic wands or shooting stars. Just brainstorming. Good luck!


ohhhh… great ideas…


Those are awesome Caron. I like how you can’t miss it even if you are flying or scrolling across the sky.


Oh please… don’t be asking for one just yet…lol :joy: I need time to recouperate… ha ha ha… like making paints…lol. :joy:


I need free Flint plz


It says, you can bring it. So I;d think it would mean “you can bring it from civilization

Or not. @Electric_man DONT. I read it wrong, you do have to ask, you can take theirs with you though


I won’t then I’m now confused though


Just buy some from a trade portal :slight_smile:


Am I allowed to intrude upon the sky plot area, or do I need to cut it short? I’m almost done, and it’s just this last part. If I’m allowed to use this area, please change the protection sign to my name

Btw memory, station 8


@Taffy I’ve made that whole area protected under you so please modify as needed :slight_smile:


It’s finished.

I’ve also made a map of it. It’s at m8, to the right of the station. Blue stands for doors and red stands for elevators
Please excuse my sorry art skills


Wow, impressive

Did you freehand that, or pre plot it?


Amazing! I remember seeing part of that while traveling around and hoping you’d finish it :smiley:


Neither. Found it on Twitter, it’s by an awesome pixel artist @tght5656. I wish I was that good at pixel art ^^


It’s so amazing!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for so long and I’m so excited it’s finished :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you Taff!!