Atmos: The World of Us


Not to worry at all :laughing: everything’s verrrrry nice and leisurely lolol


Nice work! This looks amazing! I am sad to have been away from Blockheads. I kinda over-used my device and it crashes when playing chess now >_>


Is that a Pokémon? I know all of the Pokémon up till Gen 6, but not Gen 7, so I don’t know for sure what that is. But it does look like a Pokémon somewhat.

Anyways, that looks awesome!

Speaking of procrastination, I’ve been procrastinating a lot on my build…
It should be done by next week though.


My castle is almost done

What I said 1 month ago :laughing:


Just a heads-up, I’ve temporarily whitelisted Atmos to preserve it for 1.7. If you’d like to be added, please PM me :slight_smile: but there won’t be anything new going on until the update, so I recommend you browse through the Multiplayer category and check out the huge amount of fun servers to play on!! :+1:

Thanks for your understanding and patience, and mark my words: I’ve got a lot planned for when we reopen :grin:



no worries MFS… I’ve a lot going on atm in real life and other servers so I can take a break from Atmos… I’m keen to see what you have in stall for us after the update…


Ahhh! soo that’s why I couldn’t join.


Can I recreate that house? I love it


Hmm it has a whitelist now :thinking:


That’s because it’s being preserved for 1.7 I believe. But you can PM MFS if you want to be added to the whitelist. He said so in his last post.


Thanks for the heads-up donut, I’ll update the OP :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m gonna be off to an overnight driving school starting tomorrow (the process to get a full license is super tough in Japan) so I won’t be active here or in the game for two weeks. Hope to see you all again in October!



Ok. Hopefully you follow the rules to the road and not crash into people who drive like idiots on the road.


Yay, maybe my castle will have 1 more room by then

(I get sidetracked, I’ll finish in 2020, m’kay? :laughing:)


What a coincidence, I’m getting my permit then! Not tomorrow, but within a week.


That’s easy. If your in the USA,you need to get an 80% to pass. If lower then that,you fail.


Yet we still often have the most motor crashes


That’s because there’s people who do good on driving tests,then they drive like total idiots.There’s alot of idiotic teenage drivers at my school. Not to mention,sometimes I’ve seen them not give the car in front of them,no room so when that car stops all the sudden,they can crash. I’m not even gonna try driving from home to school because of it.


Yeah. Just about every driving age teenager I know passed their test and then started driving like a maniac. And there are plenty of people who never outgrow that stage.


Why are we talking about cars ?