Atmos: The World of Us


MFS was talking about going to a driving school and I guess we got carried away. Oops.


Ah hey guys, unfortunately I won’t be able to play The Blockheads for 2 months at least, starting today. Sorry for informing so abruptly. This means I won’t be able to complete my two pending builds for a long time (sorry @MFS, this situation was very unexpected).

I’ll still have a bit of access to the forums though, or else I’ll go insane by studying for 10 hours a day without a break.


What is this? Could it be, Frater’s started work on an old project of his?




29 Days ago
One more day and we couldn’t post


You can always post on official server threads. Bumping rule does not apply.


Can an admin remove these columns please. Located in the sky plots above V16


This is. Absolutely amazing!!! Im speechless I really am :no_mouth:


Reading through the world thread (I normally just swipe my mouse down so the thread doesn’t show up in latest)

Just wow, the community of Atmos is amazing and every time I think about it it makes me want to rush planning on my own servers just so I can make a world as celebrated as this one :+1:


Cool server u always made @MFS keep up the good work! :smiley:


Thank you Dark! I can’t wait to share with u what I’ve been working on :smiley:


You can add me in ur whitelist here my name


It’s closed so we aren’t adding to the whitelist now, but please, PLEASE come on and share your art when we reopen :+1::+1:


Sure @MFS my nature art XD


Hmm, I’ve been developing a few traps recently… Can’t wait to make a fortress or something after I’m done with my current builds.

Does evil laugh.


You guys are gonna love Atmos revival, or whatever MFS decides to call it. So much new and kewl stuff to do. MFS and staff have been working really hard over the past month :+1:
Goes back to Icarus and forces staff to join…


Of course people will love it!

Goes to secret server Zeek is working on…


I’m late, and the server is whitelisted now. Can you please whitelist me?


Sorry, Ender.

runs away


For some reason, I’m not able to join Atmos. I’ve checked, and I seem to be able to join other servers. But whenever I try to join Atmos, a ‘Connection Error’ message pops up, saying that the server is unavailable for a while due to an error. There are no problems with my WiFi as well…