Atmos: The World of Us


I’m late, and the server is whitelisted now. Can you please whitelist me?


Sorry, Ender.

runs away


For some reason, I’m not able to join Atmos. I’ve checked, and I seem to be able to join other servers. But whenever I try to join Atmos, a ‘Connection Error’ message pops up, saying that the server is unavailable for a while due to an error. There are no problems with my WiFi as well…


Try again Poke, it worked for me :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that Atmos is currently closed to the public and will reopen once the 1.7 update comes. Thanks everyone for your patience :pray:


Yay reopened ar new update im so excited! To reopened it :smiley:


It works now. Thanks.


Ok im really inspired on nature builds here :heart_eyes::star_struck:


I got lost in my own maze while trying to build it. How ironic.


HAHAHAHA I’m pretty sure more than a few people have gotten lost in the Atmos subway or one of the Cores, even though they aren’t even meant to be mazes :joy: I sure have!


Wait, seriously? How’s that even possible? It’s just a straight track…


Wait is the server opened?


Some signs like stations numbers we’re clear… fixed that for reopening tho. @DARKHORSE it’s closed til 1.7 sorry :disappointed_relieved: Poke is whitelisted cuz he’s helping us get some cool stuff ready for reopening. I want to see your builds on Atmos SO BADDD can’t wait for reopening


Mm, that’s right.
I’m currently working on two builds, out of which one will definitely be done by the time 1.7 opens, and the other, as I stated above, is a maze which may take me a few months to expand up to a substantial size. And if I happen to finish ahead of schedule (I don’t have a schedule, btw), then I might go for some troll hunting.


Can I just be whitelisted? Plss pm me if you gonna whitelist me :grin:


@mfs how long is it going to be until atmos will be reopened?


@Sunnyperson Atmos is geared up to reopen at the same time as the 1.7 update, so as soon as it hits, we’ll reopen :grinning: (can’t wait!!!)


are you going to make series 2 of your atmos pics soon?


Those will come with the reopening as well :+1:


There might be another sport in the blockheads. A-
(Frater is taken away by the Atmos Secret Organization, because is zetta bad at keeping secrets)


OMG. Are you crazy??? How much effort did you put into making this?! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! Here, let me just search and join this world right now…