Atmos: The World of Us


I can’t wait! I may take extra measures soon to get my old username back…really miss my build-in-progress at Atmos and I want to finish it.


We can definitely change your owner signs for u so u can pick up where u left off even with a new user :+1::grinning:


Hello people!
It’s been a while since I posted, but I am now one step closer to my goal of having a 10 Cave trolls army:

This is my fifth one.
Took a break from my build for a while coz I’ve finished a major part of it and spawned a third blockhead.
Troll hunting is fun.


I’m guessing even more plots to build on. :slight_smile:


Just a motto that would be good:
Atmos: the world of endless possibilities.


Announcement: Changes to Atmos Leadership

Hey guys! I’ve got a quick announcement I wanted to make about some changes that will be happening to Atmos’ staff team.

I’d like to start by addressing an issue we had with a few of our Atmos staff members back during our first run. For a few people who joined and played on Atmos, there were times when certain Mods and Admins did not treat you with adequate respect, and could have done more to make you feel comfortable and welcome. If this isn’t you, then I’m glad, but even one person having this experience is too many. So if you did have a negative experience, I’m really sorry.

In order to wipe the slate clean, I’ve decided to remove those members from Atmos staff. I will always be grateful for all they’ve done for the team, but I talked to each of them and decided it was best for them to step down.

The people who remain on the Atmos Adminlist and Modlist are all exceptional, and they’re gonna help us usher in a new era for Atmos while taking everyone along for the ride :slight_smile:

But there’s just one problem… there aren’t enough of them yet! And that means we’ll be recruiting. As soon as we reopen along with the 1.7 Update, me and my top Admins will be scouring the vast Atmos landscape for future Mods and Admins! If you’re interested in joining our team, share our vision, and want to help lead Atmos, we would be thrilled to have you.

So stay tuned. Lots of things will start to happen really fast. Every day brings Blockheads 1.7 closer, and I’ve got a huge crate of announcements and surprises waiting in the wings!

Cya soon, sooner than you might think! :wink:


Excited to go back to Atmos! Maybe my deformed Mario is still there… :thinking:


It is, but it’s got a lot of stuff around it that wasn’t there before :laughing::wink: holding up strong!


Awesome! That was fun to make lol.


Mama need any help I’m there for you in any condition. And I can’t wait to see new atmos


I’ve been hitting walls and grabbing gems lately

I’ll miss a lot of the older admins on Atmos, good times


I can’t wait to join when the server opens again. Atmos really is amazing. Though my zen build was a little sub par…


Waiting for 2019…


Well Atmos will be better than ever afer the update! I guess I’m not exactly a great person for admin/mod, I was quite inactive on Atmos, but I hope to spend more time there after the update. Fin.


I would usually be glad to help, but I’m actually (actually, actually) terrible at building :sweat_smile:


Most admins had 2 jobs when Atmos was booming:

  • Placing protection signs for people using trainway

  • Starting conversations and doing nothing :laughing:

There’s room for everyone on Atmos, and you can always improve at everything.
looks at old buildings with cringe


Nooooo Titannnnn you do have artistic skills, and as Frater said, the two main day-to-day things Admins do is give land/directions and enforce rules :grinning:


I only build repetitive and symmetrical buildings, like hotels. Sometimes I do some other types of building. .-.


You overestimate me :joy: Though I appreciate it :slight_smile:
I’d be glad to help enforce the rules though (should I send a PM?)


Just to inform: I’m gonna take a break from playing Blockheads, starting today, because of my final exams. The next time I open the blockheads app is gonna be on 2nd April, so…
In case 1.7 comes out during I take a break, @MFS, you can open up my 2 builds in crypt (you know which ones) to the public. Just leave the build in the sky as it is (the island one). Thanks. :smiley: