Atmos: The World of Us


Good luck on your exams Poke!!! I’d be thrilled to share with everyone what you’ve been working on. Super awesome and exciting stuff. Cya again in April!!


Oh. Mah. Goodness.
I am too joining! I can’t wait! I’m so having private land in Off the Grid City! :sunglasses:

A M A Z I N G work! That must’ve took ya hours! So liking this topic!
Awesome job! You deserve a cookie for your work! Here, take one! :cookie:


Excited to have you Angel! :smiley:


I found a greater then pic so I flipped it and got this.

We’ve been lied too. Nah I’m jk but I see where you got it


Team Forward = Transformers confirmed


I’m just torturing myself until 1.7 comes out!
If your wondering which torture, ITS THE STRETCH TORTURE, MUHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAA :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

-record scratches-

Ok, that was a bit weird…

Ok, bye.


1.7 and Atmos coming to a phone near you soon!™(™)(©)


Atmos: Phase Two - Announcement Schedule!

Updated with exact dates

Hey guys, “formal MFS” here again. This time, I’d like to share my plans for revealing all the details about the upcoming reopening of Atmos, and exactly when the reopening will happen.

Just to recap what I announced earlier, I have decided to partially clear my Adminlist and Modlist and open up lots of positions for new Atmos staff.

Now, to start things off: thanks so much for your patience. When I closed Atmos back in September in order to renew and rework it for 1.7, I think it’s safe to say I didn’t expect it to stay closed for so long. But the good news is, this extra-long time has meant that me and a few others have been able to get some surprises ready that we otherwise wouldn’t have. And the even better news is, 1.7 is finally just around the corner!!

So here’s the plan going forward:

  1. I will announce all the details and all the surprises of Atmos: Phase Two the instant 1.7 is released, on March 15, 2018.
  2. However, I will not be able to reopen Atmos on the same day because I’ll be on vacation in Taiwan (gg).
  3. So, I‘m gonna reopen Atmos on March 21, 2018.
  4. And during that six-day period, I will reopen Urbano on March 15, so you guys can use it as sort of a testing ground for all the new stuff in 1.7.

I know a lot of you were eager to join Atmos as soon as 1.7 comes out, and I’m really sorry about that not happening. It’s just a case of bad luck in terms of timing, and I want to be there to welcome you all. So if you don’t mind giving me six extra days, I promise the wait will be worth it and you’ll have a blast on Atmos. Stay tuned for the full reveal of Atmos: Phase Two!!

Until next time,

PS: I recently found a bunch of new blow-away builds on the server. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the urge to share them with you, so I’m probably gonna start posting about some in the coming days. I feel like we can think of them as “the last hurrah” of 1.6. Keep your eye out! :smiley:


I’m so excited!! Have fun in Taiwan :open_mouth:


This is defintely professional. I just can’t believe it! There are official signs and everything! This has got to be the best server there is in TBH!


Everytime I see this thread I misread “Atmos” as “Atomos.”


Or Atoms


Nue get it right it’s ATMOSSSS :triumph:


Oh I thought it is


Omg I’m like, literally the best at doing that. So much to the point that I take 10 minutes to walk my blockhead across a few blocks.


@Aashir I will smack u with an electric stove in PVP til u get it right. @Frater_Galaxy @kaypoppy u forgot enforcing rules! :smiling_imp:


Duh, I’ve always been that forgetful (and sometimes yolo-ing) player who requires periodical reminders on what the rules are in order to follow them correctly.


Is it hurt? :joy:




Let’s all guess why it’s called Atmos until Mama decideds when they want to revel the reason why.
I call dibs on it something to do with the Atmosphere.