Atmos: The World of Us


Its amazing how this post by MFS looks as professional as his other ones and still so attractive lmao.
Nice job on the explanation of everything, though.
I’m going to (impatiently) wait for Atmos to open…


@GoodGradesBoy lol yesssss there’s a lot
@Brer-Rabbit thxx same here btw did you notice your Mario? :joy:
@Pokehgs tysm! Can’t wait to open!!


Can I eventually see a fully zoomed out map? I like seeing things from far away :slight_smile:


Im shook, I don’t know what else to say.


Do you mean of the whole server, or a specific part?


The nice areas


There he is! :lol:


Yes… Caelestis’s builds definitely need a reboot too… Can’t wait for the opening!


Hahahahaha yup :laughing: so cute
@Caelestis omg yesssss would love to have you add your work!!!
@The_Juicey_Ace That’s a tall order :joy: eventually I might be able to put together all the zoomed-out pics I’ve taken and make a map, but since I love every corner of Atmos, it’s practically impossible to capture everything :laughing: Fly around a bit and you’ll know what I’m talking about lol


Amazing!! I really can’t wait for Atmos to open, and I mostly want to do the Capture the Gems (though I probably wouldn’t be on when others are) and the Rooftops. It seems crazy that all this stuff could fit in a Bh world, and even more crazy that all these builds were made with


I can’t wait!


@MFS These builds are absolutely stunning, I’ll be on there for hours copying studying these designs…


Add me to whitelist


I believe MFS said the world is going to be closed until 21st March (which is 5 days away for me), and so I’m assuming that he isn’t going to add anyone to the whitelist except admins or mods until he opens up Atmos again.


Darn i need a server, cuz soooooo boring to play alone


Skylands Arena and Unihorse are some servers that are open currently. They’re both Vanilla.
MFS also said that he’s keeping Urbano open until Atmos reopens, so that’s a pretty good place as well. Urbano is a custom world.


Back from the dead to wonder who named my build “Arctic Fox.” Honored to be on the gallery, though. :smiley:


OMG. This has sure got the people talking! I’m definitely joining! Well, your server’s going to be full 24/7!


Atmos reopens tomorrow (MFS Lives in Japan) Hope I didn’t read the posts wrong.


So excited to see the clock tower, my deformed Mario, etc! I’ll be waiting until it opens.