Atmos: The World of Us


I sure will Mama! Finally, OTG surviving, exploring, building, chatting, and now shark racing!


Ohhh can’t wait!! Ill try to be there before 16 people get there (which there will probably be 16 people instantly… RIP)


Tick tock tick tock. 2 minutes!


^ what the clocks sounds like when waiting for Atmos to open.


The wait is over! Thanks so much for your patience!!


If you hear a bang outside, don’t worry, its just me exploding. (jk) (maybe)


I was the first to join. :sunglasses:


So much lag.


SOoooooo much lagggg :sob::sob::sob:


I cannot even play! xD

I keep getting kicked out because of the lag.

It’s horrible! ;-;


lag. lag. lag. lag.


Rip. I wanted to play but I can’t. xD


It’s lagging bad but I was going slow to prevent issues

My dearest iPad Air did not suffer drops but suffered issues with connection sometimes


I keep disconnecting.


What is making all the lag?? I have played Skeeve’s Exile with 16 people and it wasn’t too laggy.


I mean u never really know, but it gets better when there’s around 12 people or less I think

Edit: Oh I know, on Exile people all have just one Blockhead, but Atmos some have all 5?


I couldn’t even join. xD


There was nothing I could do. At some point the game didn’t boot up. xD


Hype has been released.


The lag was so much that the server could be renamed as Atmos: The World of Lag…
Nvm. I shall play sometime when there are less people…