Atmos: The World of Us


One Word to Summarize the Atmos Reopening: Lag

Yeah. It was quite bad. I knew there would be a bit, especially during the times when the server was full, but the amount of lag we all experienced went way beyond my expectations. For those who made it on, thanks so much for putting up with it! :joy:

Part of me feels a bit let down, because Atmos is a server a lot of people put tons of time into, and it ran with very minimal lag issues back in 1.6. I know it was frustrating for you guys too, because many of you weren’t able to do basic things such as move or chat. I’m really, really sorry.

In order to help suppress the lag, we’ve begun taking down our signature paintings and other decorative designs. I know a lot of you liked them, and I did too, but the new post-1.7 reality is that they now cause too much strain on too many devices.

However, there’s still hope! The 1.7.1 bug fix update is coming, and according to Dave, lag is one of the things that’s gonna be addressed. I know there are other big servers out there that are also suffering, so I’m really hoping that this update is able to scale back the lag to at least match 1.6 levels.

And the good news is, Atmos is in it for the long haul. This world really does have something for everyone, and I was super proud to have been able to open it today and share it with you guys again. There will be plenty of time to check everything out. Thanks so much for sticking with us!



Noooo! I liked those (evil) purple stripe paintings. You will keep the sign paintings, right?


I hated them. They caused my paintings to turn into them.


It may be a bit longer before I join because I am filling a request for 10 unicorns after school.


Sonny Eclipse’s Atmos Adventures


When you’re in the morning of Pacfic Time… on a weekday.

…still laggy.


I really want to join but I can’t :frowning: :confused: RIP me then…


Yea I’ll keep the signs. Btw the lag didn’t change after the paintings were removed… idk what to do


There could be other reasons for the large lag. Perhaps there are too many animals spawned somewhere? Or maybe there’s flowing water in an underground cave. Flowing water does cause large amounts of lag…so…
Or it’s probably just the update. Even the server that I’m building keeps disconnecting me every 5 minutes even when I’m alone.


Remove some of the portals, we don’t need a trade portal every 10 blocks.


That just shouldn’t be happening. :scream: @Donutask you mean the ones at the stations? Those are the only server-supplied ones and they’re quite far apart… I’m thinking next step we go after embedded lights.


I meant like those ones in the shark breeding area in the canopy and some unessasry decorative ones.


This looks really fun… :frowning: :expressionless:


Hopefully 1.7.1 update right now fixes the lag…

Only regular portals cause lag, not trade portals.

Also animated blocks such as platinum, campfires, steam generators cause lag.

Anything that lights up cause lag.


Ahhh… Then I’m afraid I’m one of the causes of the lag.
My Midnight Mansion build uses a ton of ice torches.
In addition, there’s a gigantic cave system that I’ve explored underground, and I’ve probably used up more than 50 stacks of steel lanterns. This might be a cause of the lag. I’ll try to remove most of it the next time I go on.


And his server is still lagging :weary::weary:


Banned users are supposed to PM owners about their ban directly on servers.


What’s with the triangle name forums pictures? Now Zeek has one…

I want one…


If you go up to the op, there’s a link to the avatar website at the end, though I don’t know if it’s been updated for the “Gen 2” ones.


Me like my picture…
Although I should’ve put Queen Angel…
I still like…

K, bye.
MFS, maybe remove that huge Atmos painting at spawn. That may be causing the lag. Also make it smaller.