Atmos: The World of Us


No, that painting is like, the logo of Atmos. Removing it would be blasphemy.

It’s probably the large amounts of steel lights that I’ve placed underground while trying to search for Cave Trolls. I’ll get my blockhead to remove it all over time.


Can I build a shark race similar to Jeyshark? I won’t call it jet shark and will give you credit.


You should keep it jetshark as the sport name. I like it


Hey Donut! You can call it whatever you like :smiley: do you mean you wanna make one on Atmos, or a different server?

Also @LilAngel119 the admins and I tried removing basically all the paintings at spawn and it made zero difference to the lag… @Pokehgs it’s probably not your steel lights either. We’re gonna tackle the subway next.


Actually, I found out on my single player that gem blocks cause lag.
There’s probably a million gem blocks at spawn.


On my (Well hosted by wingy) work in progress mac server. I have a big water filled cave under the FUNLAND… maybe I’m leaking to much valuable in formation.


I built a new, artsy house primarily out of plaster.


Good luck raising ur dodo army :)))


Thx, I got a stone one!


What happened to spawn?


Good question! :laughing: we’ll find out soon :smirk:


It’s going to turn into a laggier spawn! Woohoo!


Welcome to Atmos News! I’ll be periodically giving you updates on what’s been going on in the server. Hope you enjoy!

Spawn Building DESTROYED in Overnight Teardown!!

In a fit of impulse-driven rage, Mama Food Supply and Fluke1890 tore down Atmos’ glimmering spawn building in the dead of night. Atmos citizens woke up with shock and confusion, some wondering if there had been a griefing attack! Mama assured everyone that he was the one who had ordered the griefing, and it was all going to be for the better.

With the teardown of the spawn building, over 700 paintings and 600 lights were removed from the landscape, reducing lag and opening up the spawn area. The Atmos spawn will be replaced with a new, courtyard-style experience, which will be unveiled soon.

First Cave Troll TAMED by Rifflow!

Please welcome the ever pet Cave Troll in Atmos, Wallace! Tamed by Rifflow at the Canopy, Wallace was transported to Rifflow’s home in western Takeoff and is now his indispensable sidekick and roommate. Rifflow is currently traversing Atmos’ caves in search of Wallace’s potential fiancé. Wish him luck!

AWESOME New Builds and Art Pop up Everywhere!

How nice it is to see new bursts of creativity appear across the server landscape! Here are just a few of them!

A coooool statue by @Taffy made of lots of different materials

A dark and menacing-looking tower by Rhuke

A lovely white rose by ZHG

A super classy sky base by Juan

A stunning midnight purple house by L.o.s.s.

A beautiful flower in a vase by Fin

I don’t know who made this little hanging capsule, but I absolutely LOVE it!

I definitely missed a bunch of new stuff that I really wanna include here or in the next post. If you made something that you wanna share, please let me know here or in the server! :smiley:

Atmos Thread Gets BRAND NEW OP!

Mama Food Supply has completely redone the Atmos World Thread’s introductory post! The new layout puts your work and what you can do front and center. Check it out! ^

That’s all for now! Check back soon for the next installment of Atmos News!


Less lag more builds, perfect! I can’t wait till the next Atmos news update.


Although, I’m not so sure about that first Cave Troll tamed thing. If I remember correctly, I tamed all five of my Cave Trolls on March 18th, and I’m pretty sure no one else tamed a Troll before me. :smiley:
On a side note, those trolls do eat up gold coins like crazy…


Do my special taming lab next time in the newsletter!


Great!! But I am wondering how to tame a shark in the Jetshark raceway. Do you just have to keep feeding it, or do you have some that are already tamed??




@Pokehgs omg I did not know that!!! Gotta get a pic!! @theknexguy There’s a taming area above the raceway , like directly above. You gotta feed it 8 fish. I’ll take u there when we’re online together. I think a couple ppl have plans for pet shops tho so keep your eye out :slight_smile:


When you still have the Gen 1 profile picture