Atmos: The World of Us


Mamas Food Supply are you still replying xD?


Mama can ik that will u add credit on your server bc i love your server builds??


@Snow_Leopard the server has been a bit inactive as I noticed.



I know it’s not active, but I wish it was.


I encountered a flooded subway tunnel and it traumatized me to the point of no return. Maybe an old script based MUD game on Telnet flashback. I was looking for the plumbers wrench. Thanks a lot, guys.
5/5 stars.


@Snow_Leopard @BUILDITME1 @GoodGradesBoy Hey I’m really sorry I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had the time to go on!! :sob: I try to check in here as often as possible tho! :smiley: @FreewayKiller wutttt I got like maybe 30% of ur post


Mfs i am a fan of your server i have never see a server with so much beautiful builds


@MFS No problem lol. And I’m guessing you have college maybe idk?


I see what you mean. Flashback is one word. Fixed the typo. My apologies.


Why is there a password on the server?


@Snow_Leopard I’m working on some surprises :slight_smile:




(clear sentence)


Can I work with you? XD


@Snow_Leopard hahaha I work way too slowly now you’ll be super bored :laughing:


@MFS I’ll speed up the process. :wink:


Probably a NEW courses for fun and buildings!!! Sorry to spoiled just a thought! :lol: guess this just a joke.


Hopefully what he’s doing revives atmos! :smiley:


@MFS when will there be more credit on the server?

@MFS I’ve been waiting for so long to see Atmos, I finally find it and it has no credit. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. You did a really good job and I hope you add more credit soon!


So, Atmos is dead?


Atoms was kind of unplayable due to lag before 1.7. Is really hate to see how bad it would be now.