Atmos: The World of Us


That’s a good thing to hold on to! You can’t get those anymore! :laughing:


You sent the backgrounds for the Gen 1s so I guess that’s cool?


Mamas Food Supply are you still replying xD?


Mama can ik that will u add credit on your server bc i love your server builds??


@Snow_Leopard the server has been a bit inactive as I noticed.



I know it’s not active, but I wish it was.


I encountered a flooded subway tunnel and it traumatized me to the point of no return. Maybe an old script based MUD game on Telnet flashback. I was looking for the plumbers wrench. Thanks a lot, guys.
5/5 stars.


@Snow_Leopard @BUILDITME1 @GoodGradesBoy Hey I’m really sorry I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had the time to go on!! :sob: I try to check in here as often as possible tho! :smiley: @FreewayKiller wutttt I got like maybe 30% of ur post


Mfs i am a fan of your server i have never see a server with so much beautiful builds


@MFS No problem lol. And I’m guessing you have college maybe idk?


I see what you mean. Flashback is one word. Fixed the typo. My apologies.


Why is there a password on the server?


@Snow_Leopard I’m working on some surprises :slight_smile:




(clear sentence)


Can I work with you? XD


@Snow_Leopard hahaha I work way too slowly now you’ll be super bored :laughing:


@MFS I’ll speed up the process. :wink:


Probably a NEW courses for fun and buildings!!! Sorry to spoiled just a thought! :lol: guess this just a joke.


Hopefully what he’s doing revives atmos! :smiley: