Atmos: The World of Us


@MFS I’ll speed up the process. :wink:


Probably a NEW courses for fun and buildings!!! Sorry to spoiled just a thought! :lol: guess this just a joke.


Hopefully what he’s doing revives atmos! :smiley:


@MFS when will there be more credit on the server?

@MFS I’ve been waiting for so long to see Atmos, I finally find it and it has no credit. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. You did a really good job and I hope you add more credit soon!


So, Atmos is dead?


Atoms was kind of unplayable due to lag before 1.7. Is really hate to see how bad it would be now.


What was the reason behind the lag? Too many things like chests, lights, and signs?


Paintings. So, so many paintings. It was so bad that I was getting Atmos paintings glitching into my own sp world.


@Michgilb821 I’m really sorry Mich, but Atmos will be closed for the foreseeable future.

I do miss the days when people enjoyed the server for what it was, but unfortunately, ever since 1.7 rolled around, the narrative has been “lag, lag, lag” and I’m not active enough here to correct it.

Thanks a lot for your support tho Mich! We should all give each other more of that :slight_smile:


Will there be a new server this year?

I remember this thread I made.


Make a new server please. You’ve got a good crew of builders.



This was legit the best server I have ever seen. So sad. I am most definitely limiting paintings on my servers.


I remember the 1st time i went there
I went to the out side of the painting area and decided to survive because im not a good painter and i progressed super quick using golden shovels Not sure ifmy house was still there


I was working on a large scale pixel art project
If only the lag permitted the server’s survival

Good times, this server showed me a lot of cool ways to build


This server was very creative