Atmos: The World of Us

Welcome to Atmos. The world where nothing’s off limits, and everything’s possible.


In Atmos, you can let imagination take over and create stunning builds and art.

You can get your adrenaline pumping with countless fun games and attractions.

And if you get the itch to leave it all behind, you can go Off the Grid and live a life of survival.

It all starts with Vision and Memory - the two sides of Atmos. Vision is the modern side, and Memory is the classic side. The feel of the server completely changes based on where you are.

As the center of Vision is the Vision Core, the tallest and most advanced building in Atmos.

Discover the Vision Core >

Overlooking Memory is the Memory Core, one of the most elegant and intricate structures ever built.

Discover the Memory Core >

Within Vision and Memory, there are a total of eight Spheres: expansive cities with their own distinct theme and vibe.

Here is part of the futuristic Takeoff Sphere.

In every Sphere and beyond, there are countless iconic Landmarks. This means there’s always something new and cool to discover. Here are some of the must-see ones.

The Crown of Artemis

Discover the Crown of Artemis >

The Tree of Life

Discover the Tree of Life >

The Coral Tapestry

Discover the Coral Tapestry >

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Discover the Makkah Royal Clock Tower >

The Kyuden

The Palace of Midas

Discover the Palace of Midas >

Check out the Atmos Gallery > to see even more amazing creations.

Far to the East, past all the Spheres, is Off the Grid City, with virtually limitless land. Travel here to unleash your biggest and grandest ideas.

The worldwide Atmos Subway connects even the most faraway places. Grab a train or handcar and see where it takes you! The simple Address System helps you find your way.

There’s still loads of free and open land available, so you can make your own mark on the landscape. Just ask MFS or any admin for a free, protected Plot of Land.

Once you have taken in the towering sights and established your ground zero, get ready for some thrills (and chills) at Atmos’ many exciting attractions!

Jetshark Raceway

The first of its kind - a huge underground racecourse for Sharks, complete with challenging twists and turns and eight different unique zones!

Find it at Station V3. Discover More >


A whole new kind of Donkey Adventure Map - one where you ride through the hallways and over the rooftops of Atmos’ houses and castles!

Find it at Station M1.

Midnight Maze

A dark, challenging maze made for the bravest and most daring explorers.

Find it at Station V17.

The Canopy

Your one-stop shop for taming every kind of mob.

Find it at Station V3.

Capture the Gems

An insanely fun team-based minigame located right next to spawn.

Find it at Station V2. Discover More >

Donkey Daredevil

The most challenging yet rewarding Donkey obstacle course you’ve tried.

Find it at Station M15. Discover More >

Plus: the Adventure Circuit, Skylands Coaster, House of Illusion, BH Community Gallery, and more!

The fun never ends. Find your favorite attractions and create your own!

Tired of bright lights and big cities? That’s what Off the Grid is for. By entering the Off the Grid grounds, you‘re pledging to leave all your luxuries behind and start a new life of survival.

Across the barren landscape, you‘ll find abandoned towns and bases that hold precious resources and give you much-needed shelter.

Build your own base, write your own rules, and defend it at all costs. PVP also gets enabled periodically, so never let your guard down!

Atmos is a truly one-of-a-kind world, with just about everything you can imagine crammed inside it. One of the side-effects of this after the 1.7 update has been the presence of frustrating lag spikes when the player count goes up. I really appreciate you guys’ patience as we try our best to minimize this lag by removing paintings, lights, and other items.

If you’re interested in being part the world, Please Join Us! >

If you want to stay connected outside the game, follow us on Instagram > and order some Atmos Avatars >. If you want your own photo as the background of your Avatar, send me a PM and I’ll make you a custom one!

And Set this Topic to Watching for all the latest updates! :smiley:

  • Don’t damage protected areas and other people’s protected work.
  • Don’t use glitches, mods, or hacks that give you an unfair advantage (including duping and “God Mode”).
  • Please keep the atmosphere positive, respectful, and age-appropriate.
  • Please keep your personal information to yourself, and don’t discuss personal issues.
  • Don’t impersonate other players, including staff.
  • Don’t spam the chat with unnecessary messages.
  • Don’t advertise unrelated Worlds or games in Atmos.
  • Don’t copy any builds, designs, ideas, or graphics from Atmos onto other Worlds without first consulting me or the original creator.
  • If you’re playing Off the Grid, please follow the additional Off the Grid Rules posted at the gate.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban. In extreme cases, offenders may be reported to ROP and added to the Master Blacklist.

If you were banned previously for doing something that no longer defines who you are, send me a private message and I can unban you.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:



YES!!! I have to see this! I am SO EXCITED’!!!


@MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY you should be in advertising at some big company!
You did a great job of the thread and the server, I’m totally joining at 6:00 on the dot!



Edit: that’s 5:00 central I’ll be on I have something around 2 to go to I’ll make sure it’s over by 5


I must say, you outdid yourself. I honestly cannot wait for this to open and to jump on, and am beyond excited to try out some japanese pagoda builds in Zen, or a com tower in Adrenaline, really, the possibilities are endless.


Mama why didn’t this come to mgn xD
This photos are just


Amazing. Top notch, and I know it’ll be a successful server, coming from someone :wink:
@MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY when will the UBN party be?


@AndyKiller The times are listed on the very top of the page.


@Santeeisweird9_real I was talking about the urbano party, not the Atmos opening.


The opening should be the launch party. That’s what launch means in this case. Sending off.

We’re — well Mama is — launching ATMOS at the times listed. He’s sending it off to us. That SHOULD be the times of the urbano party.


Woaaaah I didn’t know there were so many things to do…


This place is going to be so big that I’ll probably quit because of being overwhelmed. It happened with Urbano ^^

Or maybe I’ll just come earlier and explore everything before all those talented builders come in.

What is the Zen about? Classic Asian? Does this count?

Classic Asian right?


Yay!! I’m honestly really excited for this :smiley: Especially the “memory” side haha.
(& kudos to you guys, I can’t even imagine how much effort was put into this project!)


omg! hype! your builds are inspiring!!


me too


Gunna take selfies to the max first :smiley:


I looked at Urbano and saw amazing buildings. That’s why I made my hotel on my server.

Who’s excited for this??

Countdown since post taken: ~2 hours (it’s 1:25PM PST DST since this post got…well…posted.)


Noooooooooooooooooo ;-;
I’m so unlucky…
The time is to late for me ;-;
Life hates me :cry:
I will be on tommorow then instead :cold_sweat:


Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your feedback and enthusiasm!! I’m gonna open it in exactly ONE HOUR.

Don’t worry if you can’t be on right away though! There will be plenty of time to do everything :smiley:


I love it! 45 mins left