Automated collection of items


how about an item that would automatically pick up blocks around it? say, maybe 8x8, or even 10x10? sometimes i get so lazy to pick up eggs from my dodo farm and when i check theres way more than 3, which is what i originally started with.

whaddya guys think?


I think this would be better for food and eggs only, I don’t think it would work well for blocks.

How would it be crafted? And what bench would it be crafted at?


i’m not sure, honestly! i was thinking magnets, but that’s kind of dumb because we’re talking about food and dodo eggs, right? it’d probably be crafted at the metalwork bench! at first, i thought it’d be its own thing, like the eggstractor, but i realized the automated collector would be it’s own block, not a crafting table. but yeah, i’m a bit jumbled right now since it was only a sudden idea. xD


Actually magnets are a good idea! It doesn’t make much sense but neither does this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, a magnet, a chest and some type of metal block (maybe steel).

It could look similar to the feeder chest but with a magnet. When it collects things they go in the chest and if it’s full it stops collecting.


yeah! i was thinking, maybe it could be upgraded as well? to expand the blocks, maybe from 4x4, 8x8, 10x10? or is 4x4 too little? :sweat_smile:


Maybe you make it with a copper block and upgrade it like a bench, lvl2 takes 1 iron block (8x8) and lvl 3 1 steel block (10x10)


yeah!! that seems like a great idea! hopefully it would make dodo egg farming a whole lot easier for everyone of us. :")


Like a vacuum?


i suppose so! what do you think?




i love this reference




spancc me with the ruler