Automated work benches

There should be a way for electronic workbenches and other automated machines to work without a blockhead. For instance, an automated electric furnace can produce 5 gold bars while the block head is mining other things.

I would say that being able to automate things should require some sort of computer chip which can be combined in the workbench.

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Like the idea. I just realized that if it’s electric we shouldn’t have to do it

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I love the idea of automation! I made a similar thread about two years ago and I’m glad that the topic of automation has been revived! Awesome suggestion!

This would wreck the balance of the game. You can have five Blockheads, which you can manage over a range of tasks.


Except for the fact that it’s really hard to multitask with five Blockheads.

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That’s the point. If games were automated, and not balanced to be played, they would not require any human input, and you would just watch them play themselves.