Automatic Mob Farms

This is a guide showing how to make autom mob farms. This list currently provides Dodos, Dropbears and more may be coming shortly.

Dodo Farm

Items Needed
• Water
• Apples
• Compost or Dirt
• Blocks

Making the Farm

To make the farm, you will need an underwater tank using your blocks and water with air on the top. Height can be 4 blocks or higher. The more wider, the more dodos drops you will get. Roof is optional, and be sure there is no backwall! Place your compost or dirt at the bottom of the tank. Plant your apples in the compost.

Using the Farm

You will have to wait for the dodos to spawn underwater. If you are in a large/wide tank, you can use a boat and sail across the waters to collect the dodo’s meat and feathers. The dodos will spawn underwater, then drown as the items will float up.

Notes and Other

  • This can also be a kelp, fish, and shark farm too!

  • If you can’t plant the apples, try removing the water, planting them, then pour water into the tank.

Example :dodo:

Dropbear Farm

Items Needed
• Compost/Dirt
• Pine Cones
• Blocks (optional)

Making the Farm
Have one layer of compost or dirt. Plant your pine cones anywhere on compost/dirt. For safety, use your blocks to make a little wall with doors on both sides of the farm using blocks (optional). A room is also best too.

Using the Farm
You will have to wait for the trees to grow and for dropbears to spawn. Eventually the dropbears will die, and their leather and fur drops. You can then pick it up.

Other and Notes

  • If custom, and the difficulty is on “hard” for NPC/Mobs I do not recommend you to do this.

  • Do not pick up leather and fur during nighttime, as the other dropbears will drop and be bears on you!

  • I’d also recommend you to plant each pine tree right next to each other.


Scorpion Farm

In research

Edit: Thank You for your contribution on my first thread.


Dodo torture chamber*


At least this wasn’t for pigs…PorkyTheChop would be mad. :joy:


Don’t worry I bookmarked the dodo torture chamber tutorial :wink:

This is pretty cool :+1:

Great guide @GoodGradesBoy ! I will be using this to torture all my future dodos now…


This is a good guide! :+1: I have heard it this method before, but I have never used or seen it.

Dodo Torcher Chamber in Emojis

:dodo::skull::dodo: :skull_and_crossbones:

Mine is an automatic dodo farm fish tank!


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I think I remember you from Pixmilla.

This is a great idea. Very interesting. :thumbsup:

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What a cool ideas might do xD

Edit: How about drop bear and donkey automatic farm???


Probably the same concept, though I’d like to see a similar one with scorpions.

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Planting carrots underwater? Maybe it will be different.

Scorpions die when exposed to water, don’t they?

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They do. So do dropbears, I’m sure.
Donkeys swim, though, so I’m not sure how that would work.

Might try this, I could “revive” my new Dodo Army :thinking:

Unfortunately carrots and other smaller plants don’t survive when flooded. I have already experimented with all the different plants to see if they will grow underwater. Only the fruit bearing trees will stay alive when flooded. Pine and maple trees die.


Ha, this is cool! It reminds me of the automatic farms of minecraft.

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First day on the forums post limit is so limited…in my opinion

@Testif I’m making a design that is simalier to this one. And yes all mobs except donkeys and cave trolls drown.

@Blocknuggets I’m going to experiment in 1.7 using the mob fall damage and try to make a donkey farm. Don’t you dare do it before me beta testers!

@Pokehgs Minecraft is what inspired me to do this.

Thank you all for encouraging me for continuing this topic. Should I keep different mobs all on this thread’s original post or make a thread for each mob?

  • All in 1 Thread
  • Thread Each Mob

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Also added Dropbear Farms!


Progress Update on Research

After 15 minutes of AFKing…

…No scorpion spawns. I don’t think they spawn underwater.

How can one make an automatic cave troll farm?!

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