Automatic Mob Farms



What would the purpose of a cave troll farm be? They only spawn in caves randomly and they don’t have a tree or fruit like dodos or donkeys do.


Ice armour?
And to get them out of your way, I guess. (Pokehgs would be devastated)


There still wouldn’t really be a purpose to a farm for them. A group of trolls is often harder to kill, too. For ice armor you could just buy from a trade portal or kill a troll with a weapon and a bit of food.


There’s a trick where you place a block between you and the troll right? Because they can’t crawl

Or maybe I’m wrong


You could trap the troll in a box and leave a 1 block opening next to it. Your blockhead would be in that little opening and you could hit the troll repeatedly to kill it and it would be unable to hit back.


@Ingeniare for decoration purposes and there ice armor… most likely.

Actually, to find cave trolls you have a blockhead wear a tin foil hat. .-.


Nuuuuuuuu, why would you want to do that? Don’t kill the trolls, if you don’t want them give 'em to meeeeeee…

And no, a cave troll farm is useless because they spawn only in the beginning of the world and not later. So you can have only one troll for each farm.


I’ve never heard of this, and I’ve found a plenty number of trolls.


Actually maybe you could replace the dirt blocks with sand? idk maybe it will work that way😐


Sorry, but these farms no longer work. Mobs don’t spawn in water, including dodos.


Dodos can spawn in water, at least I think. They can swim it too :slight_smile:


They die withen seconds when in water. I noticed when in 1.7, dodos didn’t spawn inside the water anymore when I planted apple trees underwater.