Available on chromebook possibly?

I was wondering how I could get the blockheads on chromebook, because it’s not available on chrome web store.

I don’t think you can

Have you tried downloading it from the Google Play Store?

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If you can install APKs in chrome os then yes

yes, but how do I get the APK file?

does it require linux? because my chromebook is one of the models that doesen’t have linux

noodlecake removed it from google play, the reason i’m asking is because I can’t play on my android anymore. this game has so much nostalgia to me, and I would like to see how it works on chromebook.

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I don’t think so.

thanks for helping me

EDIT: it won’t let me open it, says i’m not allowed to perform this action.

You need to enable developer mode. Though there are some risks to it, so be wary.

welp, if there’s risks i’d rather not have computer problems

There are no risks if you use the guide I posted. :slight_smile:

ok, makes sense

“there are no risks if you use the guide I posted”

proceeds to get locked out of computer for a week

oh, and also I’m no longer able to log in using google on any sites.

You might’ve downloaded a malicious APK. I recommend you only use the one from Noodlecake Studio’s website.

That’s unlucky
Hope it works soon

I didn’t download a malicious APK. I didn’t even download an APK, I turned on developer mode and had these problems. I turned it off and they weren’t fixed.


yeah, now I can’t sign into my junon.io account

(it’s different to the blockheads, lower quality and different genre but it’s got the same vibe and it’s on pc with no download)

Did you follow every single direction correctly?

So I visited the redirect uri and it brought me to an unknown page
Also I know that error 403 usually means you don’t have access to the webpage

Have you tried it on a different device. It may be an unrelated issue with your Google account. If it happens in all devices, try contact Google support. Turning developer mode on should not do that (wild thesis, maybe your device had some trojan horse waiting for you to reduce security)