Avery Falls


Looking for Credit for the server: Avery Falls, if you would like please reply to this and play on the game.

Hello Blockians! Welcome to my first forum. I’m looking for members for the Server Avery Falls! Make sure to play and add Credit by doing the above. We will be working towards trustworthy admins and some lovely mods. We are thankful for the new update 1.7 and would love you to join in the fun at Avery Falls by building, creating and making this a friendly place for Blockians, see you there! Please remember to add credit, it helps you get mod and for us to stay up on Blockheads.


I think this belongs in the #multiplayer category, and what are the rules?


Moved to #multiplayer since this is a world thread.


Seriously,auro shadow :stuck_out_tongue:? Stealing my photo :wink:?but she needs help desperately on her server before it dissapears from the blockheads servers


Servers do not disappear when they run out of credit, they just rest. :slight_smile:


I thought MajicDave said somewhere that servers will now delete themselves after a year of inactivity.






Please be sure to use the quote in its entirety:

Dave said sometime in the future he would implement the deletion of inactive worlds. For now all worlds remains, both active ones and those that are out of credit.


You took that out of context, he said he may implement that one day but it isn’t added yet.


Thanks Zauks, I really hope people will play on Avery Falls and help us grow to be one of the best server, but there is always servers out there that deserve it more though, I still thank you for all of this and the forums about Avery Falls.

If you are planning to make more updates in Avery Falls please add a statue with all the admins and mods through the years and we can remember some old admins and mods that may have grew out of the Blockheads.

Thanks, from Aura


I got an Apple Pay card, hopefully I might light up some credit on there.


Thank you, xX5642cjXx.

I will reward you with mod at our server Avery Islands and you may move up to Mod State instead of starting at Junior Mod.

Aura, xx


I would like to join how do I input the IP? Careful though hackers ruin servers and ban people.


Here is a link to the server: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?id=fca87409d1797a1a0247fa1f09fb0ca3

Aura, xx


Im playing right now. Hopefully i can add some server credit


Aura, please edit the opening post on this thread to include the rules of the world and key facts including whether it is custom or survival, world size and expert or not.