Ayo! Im back

Hey my blocky friends, Long time! Was thinking of re downloading the app on ios, but was curious if this the main forum for the game or have yall moved over to discord yet?

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so to speak it still remains here, i believe there is a discord but activity on both may be slightly less, unless the discord server is dedicated to dave’s upcoming game sapiens in which case you may see people more active there

this can be moved to the welcomes thread when someone has the time, but welcome back, you didn’t miss much… at least not when it comes to the game itself, the tea it’s reasonable to say could be enough for the boston tea party 2

Wanna share the discord links?

I wasnt aware there were a welcome channel, but considering my previous question, I believe my post is general enough for this thread.

God, nearly four year later and da peeps are still tripping over the filing of each post. So annoying

There isn’t a dedicated Discord server for the game, but there is a “Blockheads” channel in the Sapiens Discord server.

People’ve been tripping for nearly a decade. :laughing: Well, I suppose 8 years might be a fairer estimation.
This is the server Wumbo mentioned:

I wouldn’t recommend joining for the BHs; the activity for it is about as quiet as it is here, since the server is focused on Sapiens, a different game altogether (but by the same developer, hence the Blockheads channel existing).

There’s also this Blockheads Discord server, but it isn’t official.