Back after 10 years, anybody want to restore my old world?

I have a world that was hosted on the OG ■■■■, and they mailed me a .zip world when I discontinued hosting with them. Anybody here think they can restore it somehow? I’ll link it later if anybody is interested. If anybody from like 10 years ago is still around, the world name was DerpHeads.

Also shoutout to maldit and everybody else on the Neverland server, y’all were good homies back then

You should definitely look in this topic for any old friends you might recognize:

Actually, I faintly remember you… :slight_smile:

As you can tell, I was around when Intel 4th gen processors were new… oh how the times have changed

You should change your profile picture to a 12th generation Intel processor! :lol:

@jemnidad might know

I remember when the forums here were vBulletin, and I was just a kid with an iPad.
Those were the days

The game has changed a LOT since then I came after that I joined the forums 5? years ago but @Skeeve was around then (I think) and several others but I’ve been playing for 7 years

Skeeve? I remember him! He was one of the big ballers

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Yeah, and ever since August 2016, part of me is glad that those days are over. Discourse is so much easier to use than vBulletin.

In a way I feel like Discourse is too much of an oversimplification of the forums of the days long gone, but maybe that’s just me living in the past lol

Discourse has just as many features as vBulletin, except it’s much more intuitive.

Back on topic though. @Wingysam might be able to help you.