Backup Worlds


After my few experiences with hackers raiding servers then banning everyone, I think this should be a feature for servers where you can make backups of worlds/world data. I’m sure just about everyone who owns a server has had someone come on and grief and break something, imagine how nice it would be to load up a previous backup and have everything repaired
What are your thoughts on this?


Servers are already backed up daily. Milla can restore a backup if the world owner requests it by either emailing or pming her.


What about an easier/quicker way? The owner should be able to access those back ups. Maybe in the owner portal?


And to make sure that any rogue admin or anything doesn’t use back ups for bad purposes, you should insert your support ID to confirm your identity.


If the restore process were put in the hands of server owners, then there are those who would abuse that power and create more problems. The system works pretty well currently and keeps the support team as a check to prevent abuse.


What if there was a way for people to request one through the owner portal, and not just do it themselves?


For us, yes. For them, no.


Requesting a rollback on the owner’s portal is a great idea. It would make more owners aware that a rollback is a possibility if something bad happens. Right now unless the owner is a forum member they may not know rollbacks can be done. A lot of worlds probably have been abandoned because the owner was discouraged by griefers.


However… you all realize that one of the constant grievances seen on forums is from inexperienced or lax server owners who give other people access to their owners’ portal passwords. This is a constant issue… one which often times players attribute to “hacking” but in the end turns out to be the owner’s own misguided trust or a password that is too easily guessed.

Having rollback monitored and safeguarded by Milla avoids even further destruction by these players. Imagine if someone got on owner’s portal and rolled back without owner’s consent after people had been working on the server. That would be the ultimate griefing… deleting days or weeks of hard work and progress made by the players on that server with the press of a button.

I wouldn’t re-invent the wheel in this one. The safeguards are there for a reason.


That is so true unfortunately. The requirement of a support Id being entered into the request would add an extra step of security. There are no guarantees that owner’s will not give out those.


It says in the help/credit section to only give your support ID to the support team.


Does that make it a guarantee that people won’t?
I haven’t looked in years, but it probably says somewhere not to give out your owner portal password either. If not, that’s at least a common sense security measure, yet people do it anyway.


It doesn’t, but it’s common sense.


Hence why you could “request” a roll back. She would have to look over it


It’s a nice idea but I’m an also not sure about it.

I appear a lot on the server my friend owns. I edit the server, take or store items on the server. But through a restore, you could end up losing a lot of items or lose a good build

  1. If Milla would need to look over the request prior it being implemented and
  2. if you need to input your support ID for the request,
    (two ideas that were NOT on the original post)

I don’t really see much of a difference between this and the process in place currently.

It just changes where people could request the rollback, which, I suppose, WOULD be good for those who aren’t on the forums. I personally don’t know how labor intensive it is to field requests from the owner’s portal vs. forums PM. I guess only Milla would know whether this would be a realistic possibility.