Ban the above game!


This is simply
Type in
Banned: (reason here)
And give a silly reason why the above poster should be banned!
Be nice, follow foum rules!


Banned: forgetting to put in example


Banned: Your username is too long


Banned: Your siggy is too big.


Banned: Your profile picture is misleading people, they think your a tree.


Banned: for freezing blockheads


Banned: that is just super wierd and how would you know that he was hiding down their in the first place!!! Unless you were with him :wink:


Banned: no my avatar is conker smiling!!

Yeh but you said blockheadbeans bed so obviously you were down their with him;)
Simple Logic!!


Banned: the word you are looking for is SMART-A$$ :wink:


Banned: For having fdyfggvdvf as you Gamecenter name.


Banned: for incorrect punctuation!!


Banned: Pointing at signs constantly.


Banned: For being a Menace of Dodos.


Banned: Mining on the surface.


Banned: for both of youse being jelly about each others forum statuses


Banned: Being on earth. (Check out my location)


Banned: For living in Planet Magmoria,Plasmaw,Milky Way, The Universe!


Banned: Disliking plasma. You deserve to be killed by Captain Heatwave.


Banned: For not achieving all game achievements.


Banned: being a.k.a. Milk.