Ban the above game!


Connection failed:
You have been banned!

Connection failed:
The server has banned you from connecting.

For replying 20 hours ago, and saying ‘You’re banned’, instead of ‘Banned’.


Banned for imitating an AI


BANNED because weasel XD @devyn


Banned for tagging someone.


Banned for having the best server thats not actually out yet. lol.


Banned for banning a rabbit that’s really rabbitist and not cool :cry:


BAnned for killing weasel.


Banned for typing so fast that caps stays on for the second letter as well! ( but seriously why does this happen)


Banned for pointing out my misspoken grammar. (and seriously I have no clue!!)


Banned because “you can’t have a shot gun in this sever! BANNED!” No one will get the reference… :confused:


banned for not being a potato


Banned for not being a potato either.


for not being cooked.


Banned for not getting promoted


Banned for jsiwiwhuij


Banned for not banning sponge bob




Banned for not having a reason


Banned because granny Norma is old and has grey hair and remembers when trees were everywhere


Banned because no one had to pay for air, so I say let it grow