Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


The Goal
Our mission is simple: find out why you were banned, and if it wasn’t fair, to reverse it!

The Means
To complete our goal, we’ll dispatch an emissary to the server you were banned from. They will try to either

  1. Get an explanation for the ban, or
  2. Reverse it!

Request Format
•In game name.
•Server name.
•Why you think you got banned. (If you have no idea, put unsure.)

Emissaries, Missions, and Servers Refusing Emissaries: Link to Google Spreadsheet
Discord (emissaries only): [Link]


  1. If you know full well why you were banned and post here anyway, you will be blacklisted from requesting any more emissaries.
  2. If you put ‘unsure’ or something else along those lines for what you think your ban reason is, you will be placed in the low priority queue.
  3. Be patient! It can take up to two days after an emissary is assigned before a request is closed.

Technical Stuff
If the emissary is banned right off the bat or the staff refuse to give a reason for the ban, we will close your request, but allow you to reopen it a maximum of three times.
If the emissary can find no staff, or if the staff that are on do not know why you were banned, the emissary will leave the server and rejoin it in a few hours. If these circumstances still hold, the emissary will leave a status update on this thread and rejoin the server the next day. This will repeat for two days total, after which we will close your request but allow you to reopen it a maximum of three times.
All emmisaries will have =EM= before their name and be listed in this post.

To Server Owners
If you wish to blacklist emissaries from your server, simply post the names of servers you own in this thread.
Be patient! We will need to investigate the server(s) you put here to make sure they really are owned by you.
If you get an emmisary with a name that isn’t on this list, it’s an imposter.

Emmisary Applications
Want to be an emmisary? Reply to this thread and I’ll shoot you a PM with the application form.

Other Stuff
Credit to ItzTheGreenNinja for the website.

New form:

Last post wins!
Last post wins!

I will do it! I Will use a different username for it


I suggest creating a form to become an Emissary, but works just great. Just one problem, though, which is that players might simply abuse the system. Anyhow, I’d love to become an emissary!


Alright, I’ll PM y’all with the questions. And good idea, I’ll make a form soon.
Edit: form made for future aspiring emissaries. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team @Celadon and @Superfalcon123!

Banned for absolutely no reason

May I join? Please.


I assume you mean you want to be an emmisary? Sure, I’ll PM you the application form.


I would also


Sending application form.


Me also bro


Thanks for applying, sending form.


Me tooo


@loganisgreat sending application.
I am replacing a lot of the information in the OP with a google spreadsheet.


@Dragonrim would I also get an application to? I wanna join.


In other news, none of the emissaries have joined the discord. Reddit, maybe?


What discord? @Dragonrim


I’ll PM it to you.
Edit: news—also putting link to Discord here since it’s easier than giving links manually.


I would ask to apply, but I’ve no discord or reddit or whatever.


Well, I’m not doing Reddit, and all you really need to be able to join is comment here and edit the spreadsheet.
That said, you don’t have to ‘have’ Discord. It’s web based. You just go to the site and click open in browser. It works on phones too. You don’t even need to sign in.


Hmm, maybe I’ll test this “discord” thing everyone’s been using…I honestly need to figure it out, though–everyone uses it on the forums here. :confused: