Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. :slight_smile:
You just pick a channel and start typing. There are more advanced things but I just learned how to do them after using Discord for a few months.


I would like to apply.


Love the idea of an Emissary! I’ve actually served as an emissary for some peeps - even succeeded in reversing a ban for a few. (Got banned myself as an Emissary at least once… :confused:)

In support of this idea, I will welcome any Emissaries to any Skeeve server and will listen to their appeal. No guarantees on the outcome, but at least Emissaries will not have to fear being banned for merely representing their clients.


Hey, let’s be jerks and charge a cent per mission to keep our servers up! :slight_smile:


Sending application form.
@Skeeve awesome. Your servers are an inspiration. :slight_smile:


I would love to be an emmiss- no, an immis- no, an emisseray- no!
I would love to be one-of-those-people-who-go-on-servers-and-try-to-reverse-a-ban.


Sending PM.


I have intermittent internet access. The place I’m at right now has no wifi. PSA: don’t go to Germany. I’ll still check the thread when I can and will update when I have stable internet. Emissaries, take the initiative. If you still haven’t given me a gmail address, ask one of the emissaries who has given one to edit the spreadsheet for you.


Can I be sent for the first request?


I’d love to an emissary, as long as @milla is okay with this thread.


@25or624, this is the thread


Ok. I’m back on the server now though, I deleted the app and re downloaded it. I had to go on the server on a different account. P.S: I could be an emmisary, they just try to get people unbanned from servers, right?

P.P.S: My new in game name is now 25or6to4, but I’ll still be 25or624 on the forums.


I can be an emmersinary


I would like to be a emissary


I am sending emissary application forms to you guys. I have temporary access to a friend’s hotspot and am getting literally Kbps here, so it might take a while.


I received an extremely inflammatory response on the application form, and based on process of elimination, I know who you are. Please knock it off. If you dislike me or the purpose of this thread, that’s fine; you can bring up specific things you don’t like and I’ll do my best to change them, or you can just ignore it.


Sorry it was my stupid little brother pulling a prank on me, he stole my iPad and left it with the response recorded thing, Then he told me and said “I said you know what on that thing”, I am very sorry


Ah, thanks for telling me. It made me worried. :slight_smile:


I wonder when we’ll get our first mission


Hm people here on forums usually respect rules so it might take a while.