Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


I would like to apply to join. I want to help people who get banned and want to appeal. :slight_smile:

The only problem is my activity…I’m only active (It’s summer vacation so I’m somewhat more active) during PST nights. Weekends is way longer. Sometimes on weekdays I can be active more. Hopefully I can get accepted.

A problem is changing your IGN. If you add =EM= to your IGN, won’t it restart your character because you changed the IGN?


Yes, it will force you to be a different character. That is intentional because it forces you to only use your emissary account to do emissary things. :slight_smile:


I’m back to stable internet for now! Unless you’ve experienced having a speed test get you 0 Kb/s or were freed from a dungeon after several years (okay, maybe a bit of exaggeration there), you have no idea how happy I am right now.

This means I’ll be able to quickly (within a day or so) be able to pick up more applications and see stuff that’s going on around here. No one’s yet required the services of this thread, which is sad (if we get desperate, I’m organizing test runs on Discord) but I’m sure all you emissaries would’ve performed excellently.

Also, we have an unexpected number of emissaries on the force, which means higher quality is expected. I’ll be checking in with all of you every so often to make sure you’re all still alive, and I’ll be dropping anyone who isn’t active, able to perform missions, or willing to spend 30 seconds learning how to use Discord.


News update: Discord has been awesome-ified. Everyone thank @Santeeisweird9_real
• New information channel that everyone should look at for instructions on how to document your missions.
•Ranks! You start at Runner and get new ranks the more missions you do.
•DynoBot has taken up residence. Make sure it feels welcomed!
I’m going to start removing emissaries who are not on the Discord channel soon.


I was wondering why I was mentioned.

Thanks for the recognition I guess.


We are active and running. You can always send requests at any time. We will handle it!


Cam I be a emissary?


Sending application.


I’m interested in becoming an emmisary.


Sending application.


Imagine: An Emissary needing an Emissary.

Also no requests yet. Seems like at least we have some good owners.


With the amount of emissaries we have, that’s a real possibility. :smiley:


Can I be a emissary?


Yes. I was sure I’d already PMed you an application form. I must’ve missed you! D:


Maybe we should advertise. A little code in a WM that links to this thread :slight_smile:


We should always add a contact in our WM INCASE someone gets banned. They could just contact us.

(Of course, FORUM name and FORUM website or discord or related)


Welp I’m going to be removed cuz I can’t go on discord


Why not?


Parents won’t let me :disappointed:


I would also like to join! :smiley: