Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


Sending PM.

News: I don’t have a lot of time right now so I’m not dropping people from the team until I get back from Germany.


Just a reminder that this still exists and is active. Seriously, we haven’t even had one person come here. D:


I asked you for help by message on discoed, you never responed.


That’s because Discord is where emissaries coordinate. Requests go in this thread.


Okey, anyway that thing has allready been solved


Good to hear. If you have another problem like it, or know someone else who does, please feel free to come here again!


Please. I want to help people out!


Will SOMEONE please ask something


lol this is like the feed the world problem. so much food, don’t know where all the starving people are exactly. and the straving people dont know where the people are offering free food.

There are probably a lot of people who were banned for unknown reasons and would like help, but they dont know that theres an organization out there to help them if they called.


Sending application.


Just want to say this is a good thing people are doing! I completely support this!


Is there an option for players that don’t have discord (and never will)


Not for those who want to be emissaries. If you want help though, this forum is all you need. By the way, you don’t have to ‘get’ Discord—it’s web based, so if you can access this forum you can use Discord.

My experience with bans

Can i be an emissary


Sure—sending PM.


Is this still active?
if so… we have not gotten ONE mission.
maybe we should make WM code to advertise?


That sounds like an excellent idea.


Attention emissaries
Please copy and paste this in as many welcome messages as you can

If you were banned from a server
And want help
Go to this link Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!
Make or login to a account
And tell us your issue


I made WM Code! Look on the Discord server


I did that use mine it’s on here