Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


I am developing a website to contact us from
Edit here is the link
You can book for free
Note don’t put phone number
It is not letting me turn it off


Why is a phone number and email required?


Email for confirmation and phone number is optional


If you’re asking for personal information I will block any attempts to link to this. Optional or not, it’s inappropriate to ask. It’s also illegal in many jurisdictions to solicit personal information from people below certain ages.

Free Welcome Message Design

It is what the WIX BOOKINGS app does to the site
I am trying to figure out how to edit those out
Edit @milla I cannot remove the fields you must unredact it NOW
Edit 2 if you don’t do it soon I will
Edit 3 I’m doin it myself and if you undo it I redo it


@loganisgreat umm… That is EXACTLY how you get banned from the forums.


You can’t demand something from milla, show some maturity.


Counteracting my edit has earned you a ban.


Aww, logan! Guess we’ll see you in January then.


See you in January! Told you it would happen.


The official TBH Emissaries website is up!
@milla are you ok with this one? Instaid of asking for an E-Mail address to send updates, I asked for a forums username to send pms so I wouldn’t have to ask for personal info :slight_smile:


R.I.P. @loganisgreat

He shall rise again on January 9th.

Back on topic!


in game name:dido 673
server name: anime wolf kewl
why i was banned: unsure


@dido673, I joined the server and there were no admins on at the time. I’ll check back in a few hours and update.


ok thank you


Sounds good! :slight_smile:


Can you ask for one if you were banned fairly, but want a second chance? What if the ban was from a small offense, and it was unreasonable? Is that allowed?


I’m unsure, but sure. I think that would work.


It’s not allowed if you know perfectly well why you were banned or you were banned fairly, but we can bend the rules a little bit if it’s really required (and you’ve really changed)


I think if it’s unreasonable? Like "no talking"or something.

I haven’t used discord for a long time okay?