Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!


It’s not allowed if you know perfectly well why you were banned or you were banned fairly, but we can bend the rules a little bit if it’s really required (and you’ve really changed)


I think if it’s unreasonable? Like "no talking"or something.

I haven’t used discord for a long time okay?


Was on my phone for that one, a little rushed.

Ok, redo. You can ask for an emissary if you were banned fairly, and want truly a second chance. Still, this is the staff / owner’s decision. If the ban was from a small offense, and it wasn’t justified, you can still send an emissary. What we mean by no requests if you know why you’re banned is if you know why you’re banned, but want to go back just for the kick of it. (AKA second chance, but with the intention of still breaking the rules)


That’s already on my website. We don’t exactly need those…
And why did you not title the links?


Removed posts linking to a form asking for contact information.


Can I join? And is like a ban reversed. My IGN is Cheerleader_Kati the server name is Royal Corners and I was banned bc I didn’t say royal bc I read the rules in time.


I sent a request over three days ago I belive, and got no response. Does someone get notified by email when we fill out the forms, or does someone at least check them?


I’m not sure why… But I kinda want to help out with this for some reason. ._.


@Dragonrim does all of this w/ forms. @Lidi_The_Fox_Queen, for the records, it’d be good if you filled out the form. @KP7, I’ll ask him on Discord and get back to you.

@Devyn, there’s a recruitment form to PM Dragon as well :slight_smile:


@Titan i think I filled out the form. If not just PM me with the form.


On it.


Sorry, I don’t have any control over the forms. I will go on, though.


Does the Google spreadsheet ever get updated?


I don’t believe it does. Dragonrim has been inactive lately… :confused:


@Lidi_The_Fox_Queen Do you still need that emissary?

@Titan @KP7 I’ll try and contact Dragonrim on Discord, stay tuned!


@EpicGamer101 Yes please


k. I’ll do it!


Hey y’all, I’m here. Checking the forms now.
@kp7, did you use the spreadsheeet @loganisgreat put up to request? If so, please request in this thread instead, that is not the official spreadsheet. @loganisgreat, please remove the post linking the unofficial spreadsheets.


Hi there, I’d like an emissary because I’ve been banned from the server Love City. I don’t know why, what happened was I came on and offered to help them with their wm, as it was plain. I left for about a minute then came back. I said
Hi back (exact words)
Then was immediately banned.


Who is the owner?