Banned from a server and don't know why? Send an emissary!




@INeedPieUndercover I have assigned myself on your case
I will begin right now
Case closed
No one was online


That was zetta dull
Are you giving up on your hectopascals just because no one was on?

I’ll make my own embassy, and it won’t stop until it gets answers or gets banned
(I won’t but giving up that easily wasn’t helpful, and you don’t seem to have enough hectopascals running your flawed calculations))


no i wait for @INeedPieUndercover to reopen the case


Ummm… Case re opened?


Where do we send the emissary to get unbanned?


I think you submit a request like this:

banned for: (reason)
world: (world name) by: (world owner)

Though perhaps a better example would be something like Pie’s report, which gives a quick summary of the event. I’m unsure which the ambassadors prefer.

To actually answer your question though, perhaps use the template above.


Attention all Emissaries:
The following link takes you to a Spreadsheet which automatically records every response to the request an EM form. The link is here.


I’ve been banned from a server called Tulip Central,
Im not sure why, I was just chatting with the owner then she just banned me
Her name is £THE£TULIP£WOLF£


This is a different Tulip Central. Please note the “dash” between the two words.

LilAngel119 will have to PM £THE£TULIP£WOLF£ about their ban on that Tulip Central.


@Dragonrim is this still open?


Yes. We are.


Green is correct, still open.


Is this still active? :disappointed_relieved:


@Dragonrim Are you active? Is this alive?


yeah, is it? im still not unbanned from tulip central, when i negoshed with the owner :frowning:


How do I request for help? Do I post here? Thanks in advance for any help.


The name of the server is wolfantasy. My in-game name is zen1095. I am admin there and this morning when I tried to log in I found that I was banned. I strongly believe that the one who banned me was a moderator named bambooo. Bambooo had a resentment towards me because I refused to steal from an admin for him. Other than that, I do not know the reason for the ban. Please bring this issue to the head admin, youngchris93, if possible. Thank you for any help.


I just have one question.

Isn’t this the entire point of emissaries though? To find out why we are banned when we don’t know?


I joined but no one was on. Sorry.