Banned from the cloud?

It says I got banned from using the cloud, although I haven’t been on the game in forever and there is no reason I should have been banned from playing the game. A little help anyone?
EDIT: username ARF_Trooper_
Thanks for the help!

@milla would know why if you stated your username.

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Try browsing around the forums to earn basic, then PM Milla.

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Sorry I’m kinda new to the forums. How do I pm? And can it even be done through tablet?

It can, but new users can’t PM. When you can it will show a message button, browsing and posting helps you get the ability. It’s easy to get.

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Ok thanks. So wait till I’m not a “new user” anymore?

Now you’re a basic user, so you can. But yes.

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That’s strange. Getting banned for no reason is something I’ve never heard of. (Cool pfp, btw - ARF troopers are my favorite clone troopers lol)

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