Basalt Beds


A basalt bed can be made with 3 basalt, and maybe a wooden bed. Basalt beds provide a better sleep than wooden beds, but they’re not as good as a soft bed.


I think it would be a bit useless if it’s between the soft bed and wooden one. You’d be able to get a soft bed before a basalt bed.


What is with these bed suggestions lately? not trying to be negative though :slight_smile:


I don’t know, you could answer that, since you also made a bed suggestion lol.
Beds are the future of humankind


You were the first to make a bed suggestion recently, causing people to make more bed suggestions for some reason. :raspberry:


Lets get back on topic now, you may discuss this in DM.


Wait. Basalt beds exist?


Not right now.


Ok lol


Given how difficult it actually is to get basalt than dodo feathers, I’m pretty sure a basalt bed should be a higher quality.

@Lord-Hyness LoL, I also made a suggestion on beds but didn’t expect others to do it right after me. But this is interesting