Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



They cost 200 regularly :man_shrugging:

Maybe 210 and 220?


Tbh, I don’t check on much anymore…so…
On another note, I don’t remember how much Emperrettes I have…


@Alexandra_Inglorien you have a sum of 100 Emperettes

and an overall sum of 220 Emperettes :wink:


How many emperretts do I have
And how many emperretts does @Shadow_Katt have?


@Frater_Galaxy has a sum of 110 Emperettes

@Shadow_Katt has a some of 50 Emperettes

Total sum of 160 Emperettes :wink:

Edit–miss calculated: a total of 2 Emperettes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hold up how do I have 50 Emperettes?!


Everyone received a gift of 50 Emperettes for Christmas! :smiley:


Whoa cool!

How many Emprettes do I have now


You have a sum of 75 Emperettes! :wink:


If I show you a good meme will I get 10 more emprettes


Nice try!

But if you were to complete a Treasure hunt—believe me, you wont be sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am selling iron and tin for insanely low prices!!! I will also sell copper, but I don’t have as much of it as the other two ores. You can order them in ore or ingots, but ofc ingots will cost a bit more. If you want to buy some, we will have to discuss the prices in game a bit more, but I neeeeeeeeeed gold. (if I knew more about shops I might make one, but I don’t so I won’t make them right away but might sometime)


I have 8 stacks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t mind bringing you some


I think I will have ten+ stacks of iron ore once I am done mining my (HUGE) vein of iron.


Join @TheKnexGuy. I’ll be waiting at my building


I would do a treasure hunt if not for

A. The fact that I don’t know where to start


B. The number of people waiting to kill me :neutral_face:


Frater what do you want for all that gold? (Although this might not be the place to talk about it.)


Nothing, I have caves for when I need gold, and I haven’t needed gold since the first week of the server


Have i got any emperettes yet?


Yay whoo thanks!!!