Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



DO NOT kill Naomi please anyone endless she attacks you (if she does it will be another bh) I’m working on a special project it can only be done here for reasons I won’t share especially not out on the open anyways please don’t kill her at least until the project is done it’s a very special project to me so please please please please don’t kill her

Thank you in advance


Anyone not omega alliance reads

kill Naomi please anyone especially if she attacks you. I have a ton of stuff on her and don’t want to lose it, so I’ll tell you so you’ll want to. Anyways please don’t kill her at least before the project is done it’s a very special project to me so please please please please kill her


Lol frater I’m not worried about the alliance or the admins (Ryan knows what I’m doing so does Shari and they are the most active admins)

Anyone else maybe (not arcs clan obviously)


@SomeRandomUser it appears @devyn has requested to join your clan!

Just waiting for your response! :wink:


I accept :+1:


Cooooool! :stuck_out_tongue:



Basileus Announcement

@AlliG8tor has been asked to join the “Blue Coat Passions”!!!

After a rough decision, it was been confirmed:

@AlliG8tor is now a Blue Coat!

Arena Battle Host!

My staff and I have have been pondering a thought of hosting an Arena Battle. But no regular battle!

-Minimum players- 10 players!

-Max players- Unlimited

The amount of players that enter the competition will be the dependent on the winnings!

10 players= 150 Emeprettes

15 players= 200 Emeprettes

20 players= 300 Emperettes

Exceeding more than 20 players= 500 Emperettes

(per battle!) :scream:

The only thing, we have an unestablished date and time!

----please put your thoughts out for this idea!----


@Jiayizhu has received 25 Emperettes for competing in Arena battles!

@agentpinkdog has received 5 Emperettes for competing in Arena Batttles!

@devyn has received 5 Emperettes for competing in Arena Battles!

@devyn is officially in the “Joan of Architecture” clan! :smiley:


YEYYYY! Also am I officially in @SomeRandomUser’s clan?


@AlliG8tor betrayed the Alliance for the bluecoats!

(doesn’t seem like much of a loss for @Arcturus, seeing how someone else joins the clan daily :laughing:)


Frattterrr, am I in your clan yet? ;-;


you are. You should have gotten a pm to join the clan chat


Well… I have not. ._.


I’ve left Omega, yes. It was a hard choice to make, but we needed some action on Basileus…


Idk what’s happening so I’m just gonna nod


I love this idea! The hard part will be to have 10 players on at the same time due to timezones… but it’ll be a great oppurtunity to earn emperettes!


Here is a poll for the Arena battle to get things rolling! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • In? :smirk:
  • Or your out!:smirk:

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If you have more than 1 blockhead, then create a different account for no TC loss----we even have locker rooms to store your winnings! :heart_eyes:

------Remember any system will only work, if you guys participate!

When I first started doing Arena battles, I died within seconds! :sweat_smile:
Im finally getting better, and it’s fun! :nerd_face:----even losing!

So again please join it will be a blast!

We even have 3 Arenas to participate in!

  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Extreme

Jia and myself tried extreme, it was over way too fast :smiling_imp:


WOOhoo! All of us are in so far! Let’s see our competitors! :smirk:


Hmm I would be in but my connection sometimes chops for a few seconds but usually I can join back within a few secs. Would that be fair, or should I just watch?


Easy for me… yep, the noobs will probably beat me… I am a bit of a PvP noob after al these years…


Lol, after all these years… shouldn’t you be improving? :joy: