Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



oh rip

also in arena battles you wouldn’t believe how much damage is dealt FR tho, if you’re up against @Jiayizhu insta death


Mwahahahaha :smiling_imp:


Yes the fishing rods are quite fun actually! :joy:

@TheKnexGuy as alli mentioned, there are safes at the arena for you to store your stuff—and if you have more than one blockhead and prefer not to lose TC. An Alt account works very well! :wink:

I havent yet decided the Arena requirements, but if it requires expensive items, that you can not manage to own; an altnernate way of getting them will be given :nerd_face:
—or simply we go back to fishing rods :yum:


I find the fishing rod battles quite amusing. All the contestants and the spectators have fun. What I like most is that anyone can participate. A fishing rod and some food is doable for even newcomers.


Woohoo! 11 players have signed up for the future battle!

we are up to a winning of 150 Emperettes :heart_eyes:

If you would like to vote see post 224 the more players vote, the more it looks enticing :smirk:


I’m probably out, considering timezones…


I have been wondering about fighting with fishing rods. Does throwing them and hitting a person actually to damage?
You probably said this already, but do we get to have any armor?


No, throwing fishing rods does not hurt. Just hit em, so it’s really just like using a bare fist…


That’s what I though, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks! So then we probably don’t get to have any armor?


@Frater_Galaxy (SouperChef) has built me a new Oil Factory! You can come over to it and start working, but please do replant. A shop has also been built close to spawn (right next to Alli’s shop).

Capitalism! You can now buy stock in the factory by paying platinum (depending on item sold) to get a space in the shop/factory. By getting a shop to place there, you’re getting long term money, and I’m getting money too! You can also sell your shop space to others (please do so in a PM with me and the other person you’re selling to. I earn 2% of your sale of the stock as commision. Stock value may fluctuate through time depending on how well the shop does and how much it’s wanted. :slight_smile:

What the shop offers:

  1. Sunflower seeds for 3 cc
  2. Oil for 10 cc
  3. Fuel for 15 gc
  4. Carbon Fiber Sheet for 30 gc
  5. Titanium Ingot for 5 pc
  6. Jetpack for 140 pc

Here’s a picture of the shop, which is 12 TC right from spawn. (Guess who built this ugly thing :roll_eyes:. That’s right, me :joy:)

Need a refuel? PM me or @ me on discord (titandh#5182). If you join Arcturus’ Clan, I’ll give you any of these items excluding the Jetpack and Titanium Ingot for free. Otherwise, the items for sale are 80% off :grin:

What the factory offers:

  1. Two floors of sunflower seeds (1 harvest from just top = 3 stacks)
  2. A crafting area with presses, a refinery, and fueled flywheels
  3. Shelves of free oranges and some seeds to help you out
  4. Coal for 2 cc

Here’s a picture of the factory, which is 186 TC right from spawn.

(( Please note, this has not been approved by @I-Love-Creation, “stock” is purely a creation I made for fun and money. Take this idea if you want for your own shops :slight_smile: ))

The shop’s being stocked up right now as fast as possible, by the way. If you don’t see what you want so far, it’s coming.


@Titan your new build looks quite Factorious! —I tried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes you may sell things, but if you get a desperate character not following your payment requirements—a feud may be made! :smiling_imp:

By the way I love your system :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have a very important announcement to make shortly!


Is the server down? Or is my device just out of shape?


Just you


Great… (sarcastic on my part)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m online now, everything’s fine.



Basileus announcement!

I will be ending my Blockhead Adventures!

Due to prioritizing my activities better than I have been having them, I am unfortunately going to have to quit The Blockheads!

Ownership of Basileus will be turned over to our Beloved @shariu! :blush:

I will be getting everything settled for the next couple days for my “complete leave”.

I really don’t think my absence will deteriorate Basileus’ gameplay—because every single player is sooo Fantastic!!!

As a world owner–I can Not ask for a better group of players supporting me! :blush:

You guys have been very good to me as an Owner; and I expect you to give @Shariu and her staff even more support then you would give me! :relieved:

I will be finishing my farewell on the Farewell Thread; because I would like to leave you all in good cheers! :blush:

ILJ’s Farewell!----


Quit the Blockheads AND the forums? Aww! I’m sorry to see you go! You seemed like a great guy! :slight_smile:


Aw that’s unfortunate… we may not have agreed on everything but you were a really nice person, I hope one day you can come back :smiley: :smiley:


You will be missed :sad:


I will miss watching your reaction as I raid the bluecoats

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Like I said there but I shall say more here