Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



Nuuuuuuuuuuuu that’s so sad!!! You were just getting started!!
I really hope you reconsider :cold_sweat: but studies and other real-life priorities are always more important. And either way, I think it’s safe to say you’ve made a big, positive, lasting impact on the world of Blockheads!!

And there’s no better person to take over ownership of Basileus than Shari. Looking forward to more great things to come!


After my super long “essay” I finally managed to click post!

ILJ’s Farewell!


Awwwwwww. Oh well real life always comes first. I wish/hope you can play a liiittle but of basileus everyone in awhile.


Maybe dont delete the app. Maybe just keep it so when you are not busy you can come on every once in a while, this will at least enable you ti check on the servers you play on and see your friends, you should also keep the forums so when you arent busy you can check up on everything, then again you dont have to listen to me ;-;


I hope it’s going well now, joining today! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll definitely miss you. I hope you do well on your life journey, and hope you do the best. You’ve done a huge impact on the blockheads. Sorry, haven’t been active much… life gets in the way, and you should always put it first. It was fun!


Well, everyone has a time to leave and I guess it became your time too. Gee, I never thought this day would come! You’re such a great person, and you will be sincerely missed and remembered. Beep… :frowning:
Boop? It’ll never be the same without you ILJ! But I wish you the best in the future :blush:


I hope when I leave (if ever 0-0), I get this kind of sendoff :slight_smile:


I already told the people it’s for what my secret project was but anyways I’ll tell y’all so everyone who didn’t know what it was can know

A thank you party for @PorkyTheChop @djfamily @CGgone dt and now @Shariu

It’s a party I probably should have had a long time ago because it’s for stuff that happened almost a year to over a year ago (it’s seriously been a few months over a year it’s crazy it’s felt like 2 years at least)

(There are special reasons it needs to be here reasons that I shouldn’t say in public)

If anyone wants to help it’s <<<<< 131 tc up a ladder art for cg and dt is < for dj, porky and Shari is > I have extra space besides what I’m building in case anyone wants to help

(Porky, dj, Shari and when cg comes back cg if y’all wanna help I need ideas for games and pixel art ideas I’ve got cgs done Idk what to do for dt I might know what to do for Shari and probably porky dj I might need some ideas for u)

Edit: lily is so smart she can literally read my mind (@PorkyTheChop did you teach her how to read my mind???)

Lily: beep boop beep beep boop
Me: beep
Lily: boop
Me: beep
Lily: boop beep beep boop
Me: beep

Etc etc etc until I started laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: @I-Love-Creation did you tell her to do that? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: has she been watching me and reading?


And that other is star


There’s a really cool pixel art in progress on the server

It’s huge and very well done, but not complete yet
So I won’t post it for the sake of the surprise builder


@I-Love-Creation has disappeared into thin air. ;(


Are you shouting out our secrets??? :expressionless: (no jk :sweat_smile:)


pls no k shhhhhhh


Who is interested in joining ferrum clan, if you are already in a clan then your existing clan can be annexed and your old clan leader can train to be a commander, here are some samples of why ferrum clan is the best. A snippet of our battle commands sheet for commanders: Hold fire - stop attacking until further notice (Formationname) formation - get into the (formationname) formation Halt - stop marching Left March - March left Right March - March right Fortify position - fortify the position with temporary structures and trenches

Our national anthem:

Our battle march:

We are even working on special projects with our research division such as music psychology to make the perfect battle march, better and better training curriculum to ensure we have the finest army in the blockheads, and even advanced economics to grow our royal treasury so that we can finance better gear for the common soldier.

We already are almost finished with our special training curriculum for our troops, and here is a sample:


-the recuns must learn battle commands and formations (REDACTED LINK AS IT LINKED TO CLASSIFIED FERRUMIAN MILITARY INFORMATION)


  1. The recuns must look up the battle commands and formations on the site and memorize them

  2. The drill sergeant must then quiz them on the battle orders

Here is a contrast between the common clan and ferrum clan:

Common clan, soldiers: just random guys who wanted to join

Ferrum clan, soldiers: they initially are random guys who wanted to join, but then they are given advanced training by ferrumian drill seargeants

Common clan, leadership: barely any, at times where there is leadership there is little strategy in their orders

Ferrum clan, leadership: commanders who are given advanced training similar to the troops, they also study historical battles and military tactics on their spare time such as this:

Common clan, tactics: rush in with no plan, take some loot, go back to cowering in a hidden base

Ferrum clan, tactics: You can see a lot of how advanced we are in the art of war from our leadership section


OK, I will be sure not to join.


Yep I’m doing what haques doing :joy: I’m already in the best clan in the world and the best alliance in the world


Thanks @Diamond_knight for reminding me what i needed to do

Goes on Survival of Time. Takes signs from their and places them near a building Sign reads: Kill List

This list was very effective on SoT, it’s a classic


Your strategy does not faze me, for I have…


Cower, muahahahaha!


Back for another death, @Diamond_knight