Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



Haha nice wording. So the ‘random clan’ rushes in ‘with no plan’… Well at least they try to attack someone, unlike you. ‘They take some loot’… Well they get some loot’, unlike you. ‘They go back to cowering in a hidden base’… Well at least they have a base, and it is hidden unlike some people cough cough I know.


Dang @TheKnexGuy you just roasted him hardcore


Sits here with the crown for best raid

And it was a 1 man job, unless you count agentpinkdog’s intel

So yeah “organized” clans seem slow and innefficient


I think the ones who raided the base long before you got more @Frater_Galaxy. By the time you raided it we already had a few other bases and that was our farm outpost. When it was raided before it was the mining outpost.


My celebration was short lived


Ah, that was a great raid. Such a shame I left all my goods in a chest… but now I’m part of that amazing clan which I first raided. No complaints from me!


Cough cough traitor cough cough
:joy: jk


I’m in a situation where I can’t go on the server and I left All my stuff placed and didn’t pick it up :3


So, now that our secret project is complete… it’s time for battle!


Battle against who…? Frater?


@TheKnexGuy, they wouldn’t. I’ve been a wanted man for too long now

Still hides in secret areas, waiting for the gem tree to give diamonds


Very true… I’d personally just stick to my sluicing for now, but you can all battle.


Frater it seems you are in a tight spot there, how about joining my clan so I can give you access to my archives findings on everyone and help you when my army is ready.


BWAHAHAHAHA!!! He is in a clan already that he started. It is Joan of Architecture. (plus I don’t think he would want to be killed over and over again by me and titan)


@Diamond_knight plus if he joined u he’d probably have to leave the alliance

Know any good war servers?

Razed some buildings to the ground today

Titan, I hope you were not too attached to your nice cobblestone shop


Even since knexguy leaked my list of secret allies, I have been more active ad it is my duty to protect them!


I am offering a 10 emperrett bounty for whoever can kill Diamond knights main blockhead, and 5 for any subs
((This May be removed eventually. No loopholing))

Edit: changed reward


I’ll keep my eyes peeled, I have good armor and swords. :slight_smile:


Nice I’ll have to try that, I have ok armor and swords.
I was going to ask if you are secretly allied with diamond, cause I found this:
Secret alliances:

Kap, Joan of Architecture, omega clan, Dagger_mace’s clan

On Ferrum’s ‘wiki’.


I am not, and I would hope that none of the Omega Allies are either, as I have been told by several of them that allying with DK would create problems