Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



I SAW @I-Love-Creation!!!


No wonder you have no clan members looooooool


That explains why just about nobody is in your clan.


Clearly @Prototype agrees, as a matter a fact, I do too.




It was either kick half my clan out or risk getting banned, I wanted my clan to be 100% spy free.

If you want more details I can add you to the group PM where I sent the screenshots to ILJ and wingy.


Because having a 99.9% spy free clan in a virtual world is extremely dangerous.


what assets are even there to spy on. everything you’ve got isn’t worth it to be spying. better tactic is raiding, to be totally honest. I’m not sure what your total assets are, but based on your play time they can’t be much higher than a quarter of a jetpack.


Unless you’re hawling government information, nah. XD


Tried to explain in simple terms but looks like my message still is not clear…

The reason why being 100% spy free matters is because there was a clan a while back that talked about infiltrating clans and duping like crazy on their discord (lucky for me I sent in spies beforehand because I like to have big archives full of all everyone’s pvp weaknesses).

They were the ones that were carpet banned btw so I guess they were doing it because they wanted to get back at ILJ?

If you want to see the screenshots (cannot name and shame here) ask me and I can DM you them.

Once you see why I am doing this, my paranoia about being infiltrated will make a lot of sense, those who are in the Basileus admin group DM will know a little about what I am talking about.


When you don’t have anything to do on basileus anymore, except be a cave genome…


Same though


Wahhh, people are so inactive. ;(


Yknow, I could really use a mansion to throw a party in… should probably get on that…


Guys I got a great trade I want to make!! I need about 10 marble (for crafting) and a stack of dirt. (For filling in holes someone made) I would trade about a full stack of tin, iron, or copper ore for these things.


Imma be a solo person. xD


I could do that trade :wink:


Sure! When we are both on, we could trade at the middle.


I declare the Ferrumian dark age has ended!

The United Empire has made powerful freinds, freelance developers making a new C++ game.

I am aiding them with ferrumian programmers.


one week later

“Dangit! They backstabbed me again, those filthy spies. I declare the Ferrumian Dark Age to end this instant! Hey? Where are you going? Hey! I’m serious! No really, I’m making a comeback this time! Guys! Guys?”