Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)





I will fight to the last man though!

Look at my nick in the discord :slightly_smiling_face:

another archives leak, wiped archives again


I’ll be on today a bit.




Sorry. I just wanna be a rouge >:D




Things are going terribly wrong with him apperently. ._.


Universal law: Don’t appear to be out of your vector unless you, or others will beat you back in

If you act annoying, people will punish you, unless you have zetta good skills like me

I wish the server could pick up again


I wish I could join the server _


Is your device still not working?


My devices never stopped working
I forgot the password cuz I’m intelligent
And have a smaller memory of a goldfish


They still haven’t backstabbed yet…


Alright then.


Real interesting, isn’t it? ._.


I haven’t seen another player on here in weeks


Nor have I, basileus is dead :frowning:


I have been able to sneak around and already get iron and a base…

(Btw good luck finding it, oceans are very hard to explore in)


Wait, you’re only just getting iron??

(I’ve had a jet for months now…)


Lucky! I had iron for awhile, but I just got a trade portal.


Me and a bunch of other people already got a jetpack.


I got like 60 raw resin. Devyn stories intensify