Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



My devices never stopped working
I forgot the password cuz I’m intelligent
And have a smaller memory of a goldfish


They still haven’t backstabbed yet…


Alright then.


Real interesting, isn’t it? ._.


I haven’t seen another player on here in weeks


Nor have I, basileus is dead :frowning:


I have been able to sneak around and already get iron and a base…

(Btw good luck finding it, oceans are very hard to explore in)


Wait, you’re only just getting iron??

(I’ve had a jet for months now…)


Lucky! I had iron for awhile, but I just got a trade portal.


Me and a bunch of other people already got a jetpack.


I got like 60 raw resin. Devyn stories intensify


I got a jetpack day 1 of basileus

I made another one last week

I think I’ve made 2 and stolen 1 so far



Sent it to shariu anyways


Alright good :+1:


Day 3 got a jetpack, but Jia was kind enough to give it to me :slight_smile: Have around 7 now from buying titanium and making oil. Crafting my eighth and looted a good 6 or so.


There have been a few changes to the clan lists since they were last updated. I am not able to edit the op since ILJ originally wrote it. As changes are requested to the clans I will repost the list.
Present Clans:

•	@Diamond_knight—(Ign-unknown)

1. …?

•	@Dagger_Mace —(Ign—Dagger_Mace). (This clan, none of the members have been recently active, as far as I know)

1 Electric_man
2 Superfalcon123
3 Enzerze
4 24lovefancy

•	@Arcturus —(Ign–Unknown)

1 Jiayizhu
2 Shahmmm
3 Stefani0987
4 alliterationqin
5 Haileyjoychannel
6 Prototype
7 WumboJumbo
8 Husky lover
9 Darkhorse
10 CgGone a.k.a Muisc_Lover
11 Epicgamer101
12 Rosie Posie 101
13 Bekah Blue 101
14 Brer-Rabbit
15 Titan
16 Deadliestitan

•	@Hellotheressss & Noone


•	@AndyKiller & @TheDerpMaster


•	TheKnexguy—(Ign. TheKnexGuy)

1 Breejillian
2 Thehackknight

•	222Oreo333—(Ign. 222Oreo333)

1 Ashley
3 Joe
4 Porkythechop
5 Ark1

•	Blocky1 —(Ign. Unknown)

1 99Wolves

•	Frater_Galaxy —(ign. Soupchef)

1 Shadow_Katt
2 2 Devyn

•	I-Love-Creation —(Ign. I~Love~Jesus)

1 Wingysam
3 Caelestis
4 Shariu
5 Masterbuilder
6 Warriors Tide
7 Allig8tor
8 …


I might disappear from clans, just letting ppl know. ._.


Basileus has been really quiet lately, did everyone forget about it :stuck_out_tongue:


No, but anymore I am not in wifi very much, and when I am I usually play more on other servers.


I think hackknight is in Ferrum’s clan