Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



Nope. He got kicked from Ferrum cause he duped on another server or something, so I decided to take him. (I really hope he doesn’t dupe here… :grimacing:)


I hope that with 1.7 coming, popularity will spike, and we could maybe even add some more challenging aspects to the server. I guess we’ll have to see how it goes with the update right around the corner


I have an idea to even the playing field and require players to use more strategy. It involves limiting the number of portals a player can have up based on alive characters. If you have 1 character you can have only 1 portal up. Extra portals will be removed by staff and be kept in the locker rooms. Before this new policy is implemented world portals will be placed every 100tc around the world at various locations that will have to be discovered to be used. Some of these will require a challenge or task to reveal the portal. The removal of the excess portals will also reduce lag.


I think the whitelist should be removed, there were more visitors when the whitelist was off


Hackers are the cause of the whitelist I believe, so I think in 1.7 it will be gone? Hope?


Safe zone


Eh, might come on in the future when I get my colonial empire on minetest ( started

If anyone wants a peek at the other world of gaming the UEF is on PM me on discord and I might give you link


No thanks




1.7 appears to have killed Basileus.


Wingy hasn’t updated his Mac app yet. He will do it as soon as possible. Those who are still on the old version can still connect.


The Tides shall return to this land. Basileus hostile so your days are numbered!


@milla I’m going to need help switching my account from my old Apple ID, I had some problems trying to get on; and now I can’t seem to correct anything. So I’m stuck out.

Has the game changed? Do you still like the Blockheads? and more, all in one thread of polls :)

Basileus defend, basileus attac, most importantly, is basileus bac?



Better than ever… :sunglasses:


Hey does anyone have the invite code for joining the discord? Mine expired :sunglasses:


I believe


Yes but I will require a specific code to join your lobby. Like an invite code


This is the server channel link:


Is this server still up?


It might be This server was Sooo hard I played Basileus 1 and our clan just had the worst luck