Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)



I know what that means… XD

I can’t wait to check this stuff out. :stuck_out_tongue:


My morning strolls are all night raids for you guys.
I never see a soul during the afternoon (for me) when I come on.
Ya’ll are all sleepin’.


Fly past the drop bears then mine a little titanium ice armor then block water off and mine more easy when you have stuff for it


Hmm, why so many signs and columns though? Do they have some secret protecting purpose that I don’t know of :see_no_evil:


Columns so it would be darker


Whenever i join no one is on :sleepy: can we organise a time so i can get into the fun?


Wahahaha nice one @agentpinkdog :joy::smiling_imp::joy:


There’s normally people on later in the day during the school year over Christmas break there were more what time are u in


Puzzles, for that, but pole loot towers are like castles with loot mazes, maybe at the poles (South Pole, North, East, West,) that sort of thing.

I guess it’s “too bad” hailey squealed :joy: Can’t wait until you build your next one so we can destroy admire it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you replied it was 11pm for me. Im aest time zone(australias eastern standerd time zone)


Hmmm that was a time in the morning I’m not normally awake a lot of the players it seems like are a hour ahead of me or same time as me hmmmm


Hypothetically could I be an artist for a short amt. of time, and have my community build protected? I want to stay in Arc’s clan but just build some for the community


@Titan you would have to go through the process of purchasing a sign or build using @Frater_Galaxy’s clan.

His clan is the only clan eligible to purchase a protection sign :sweat_smile: (at the moment)

Since all of our bases structures failed to work, basically the signs were a slow down…and the columns were just so players couldn’t place stuff; so as to limit players who didn’t have a jet, from raiding us.

Hehe yeah @Keiraiscoolio99 it is a bit dull to find no one on…and realize time zone differences are playing at hand. Maybe you can correlate with other players to try to get decent amount of players at once, for your time zone.
(Because for most of us it’s in the middle of the night/morning)

And playing by yourself is not nearly as much fun as with everyone;
maybe @kaypoppy, @Alexandra_Inglorien, @Arella_Myth may have close time zones to you?


Hm… Not sure I understand. Do I have to build with them, or join? Is that possible, to be in two clans? Don’t you have to be an artist to buy prot signs? I’d buy one, but I don’t want to be an artist.


Basileus Artists: is a perk for specific gameplay for none Fighters…along with an exciting perk for regular gameplay!

For none Basilians whom prefer to stay away from the fighting side of Basileus…we offer you a chance to make some Basileus Building/pixel Art!
This can only be done under the following guide lines:

  • Must match an Empire theme
  • Must be artistic and aesthetically appealing
  • Must not be basic, built out of dirt, or look like a standard structure that could be found on any server
  • Must not have any iron doors or iron trapdoors anywhere; only wooden ones
  • Must be able to be passed through at ground level
  • Must not have Elevators–only for embedding
  • You must ask me for personal Permission per build
  1. All clans may attack this “Artist Clan” and spoil their resources
  2. Clans can also contract you, to make them a build!—You choose the price!
  3. Only “Artist Clans” can purchase protection signs!—only on occasions is it otherwise.
  4. These builds will have protectors
  5. Another thing, Artist clans can be attacked while building! So make sure your employers are protecting you!

For all Fighting clans

  • This will be a perk for contests held at specific times!
  • And for Purchasing necessities

They also will go by the same guide lines when built

@Titan So you can not be in two clans at once, or how would a raid work :wink:
Basically you employ them to build a structure you would like to be built—kind of like you have to pay a plumber to install your water heater “certified” even though you know how to do it! :roll_eyes:
The artists get a summary of a sketch of what you would like to be built; and they take it from there!

I mean they’ll try to charge you for the follow:

In need of supplies, the Protection sign and they will say “the work itself” :smirk:

— for your question at hand, you may build stuff as jia has done and hope no one destroys it. Or try make a statement, and protect your clan structure as a legendary Monument for generations to gaze at! :wink:

“Plus it wouldn’t be too fun if systems weren’t used :joy:


My question still stands- can I be an artist temporarily? Do I need to join the clan? Can I be in two clans at once?

edit: Ooh, ok! Got it :ok_hand:


Couldn’t he pay my clan, like 225 emperretts, and I could buy a sign for him?
(additional emperretts because of the middleman transaction)


Basically, if you would rather him to build. :wink:

Also, if @Titan doesn’t have enough Emperettes, platinum or items could be used instead :wink:

“I mean who doesn’t want 1,000,000 dirt?” :money_mouth_face:

And you can basically manipulate the prices…because your the only artist clan! :scream:


But I’m not the stereotypical ISP after Net Neutrality

Ok rates:
225 Emperretts per protection sign (for Omega Alliance)
235 Emperretts for everyone else (It could be worse)

Remember the more emperretts Joan of Architecture gets, the more buildings we can make for the public


:what: That is too many emperettes!! :what: