Basileus 2.0: The Rise of an Empire (New thread)

Now Open!!!

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Port: 15150


The rise of the empire…

Basileus is a PvP based world where combat is the main source of fun!

You will start out with nothing, not even a single cent; and form with other players the dominating clan!

Clan: A clan will consist of 2+ players and will have no limit–whatsoever–

You will have two choices when starting out:

  1. You can become an emperor to guide your warriors into battle
  2. Become a loyal patriot to a specific emperor
    Your choice awaits!

How to join an established clan: You can either reach out to administrators, you can talk to me, or you can directly contact the present Emperors!

Becoming your own Emperor: Or if you are feeling powerful, or gutsy! You can contact me saying you would like to become an Emperor, although you will need at least 1 player to support you before you clan is established!

Once you’ve decided: Your main goal will be getting loads of money!
This can be achieved from the following:

  1. Raiding opposing clans
  2. Working underground in the mines
  3. Competing in tournaments
  4. Completing mini quests
  5. Doing treasure hunts
  6. Or by creating the largest war ever to behold!

Continue to build and fight for the Biggest Empire to come!!!

As an Emperor: You need to be able to lead your army into very good strategic battles—and coming out with victories, endless amount of times!

Your Clan members need to be able to have faith in you…or they might abandon all your dreams!

  1. Set up some strategic outposts!
  2. Collect loads of coins!
  3. Establish quick escape plans, in case of raiders!
  4. Become an Empire that clans are afraid of!
  5. Lead your clan without fear!

As a Clan member: You will be subject to your Emperor, and will try to uplift the one your supporting!

  1. Try to support your Emperor in all cases, you may be promoted
  2. Go off and multiply your clans treasure, while your Emperor is away!
  3. Keep you eye our for intruders!
  4. You think of the rest!

There will be a couple of benches to start clans off, yet create some of your own–in case of Raiders!

Also note: No protectors will be allowed for Regular gameplay!

Also here are a couple rules I’d like to tell players:

  1. Refrain from using adult material

  2. Refrain from using foul language

  3. Refrain from asking for administration and further promotions

  4. Refrain from using any kind of hacked item “whatsoever”—because it is your job to have fun! And how would this system be fun if you are plundering it!

  5. Refrain from using Safes and Cabinets

  6. Refrain from using shops inside of a base; only in public places is it allowed -Affordable-

  • You will be accountable for all actions that may be regarded as “hazy”!

A perk among others, is the Arena Battle


The Arenas: The arena will give players the chance to win loads of coins without having to do dirty work!—last clan to stand wins!

There will be hosted PvP battles where the entrance fee is FREE—and I will be doing free give-aways to the winning clan!

Then there will be PvP battles “at demand”: meaning if you would like to start a “PvP Arena Battle”

  1. You set the entrance fee per player!
  2. You set the armor ability
  3. You set the weapon allowance
  4. And maybe set a specific default sudden death after a certain period of time!
    Then the winner of the designated clan will win their clan the whole “kit-and-kabootle”

Another perk, are Mini Quests:


Mini Quests: Will give players to win certain rewards namely, (Emperettes)*

One time Quests:

  • Visit every arena= 50 Emperettes!
  • Complete first battle in Spawn Arena = 20 Emperettes
  • Complete 5 battles in Spawn Arena = 50 Emperettes
  • Battle 3 different clans = 40 Emperettes
  • Win your first battle in “The deadly arena” = clan will receive 70 Emperettes!

Continuous Quests:

  • Compete in an arena battle = 5 Emperettes!
  • Win a Arena Battle= 15 Emperettes
  • Raid an opposing clan base successfully, by actually ransacking it! =100 Emperettes!
  • Find a “hidden” base= 30 Emperettes!
  • Win a battle fighting the Bluecoat passions!= clan will receive 50 Emperettes!
  • Not running from a battle—but living or dying through it!= 20 Emperettes!

More Quests will be added further in gameplay


Emperettes: is a type of a currency that will be used in Basileus; to purchase supplies: using our “Emperette Shop”

The following can be bought:

  • Specialized name (for player) = 50 Emperettes a month
  • Specialized name (for clan) = 50 Emperettes a month
  • Clan advertisement = 100 Emperettes a week
  • 99 Platinum coins = 200 Emperettes
  • Hiring “Blue Coat Passions” for an attack= 300 Emperettes!
  • Buying 1 plot to make a protected build for your clan…for show= 250 Emperettes!----only purchasable to “Artist Clans” only!
  • You may contract “Artist Clans”= they make the prices!

More may be added at demand:wink:

Emperettes can be combined within your clan to accumulate a large sum: allowing your clan to purchase something very valuable!

Also, for all those Clans that want to stand out!
Introducing a Basileus News!


Basileus News: Will be a fly by of all the excitement of the past month in Basileus gameplay, with the posting of:

  1. Exciting Basileus Pictures
  2. Clan fly-bys
  3. And also special awards—which are shown below

Clans with these monthly awards will receive the Emperettes shown

• Largest Clan = 20 Emperettes!
• Deadliest clan = 25 Emperettes!
• Most Kills for a single player 50 Emperettes!
• Most Kills for a clan 50 Emperettes!
• Most battles fought = 35 Emperettes!
• Hardest to kill in battles (running does not count) = 35 Emperettes!
• Completing a quest = 10 Emperettes!

Introducing Basileus Artists


Basileus Artists: is a perk for specific gameplay for none Fighters…along with an exciting perk for regular gameplay!

For none Basilians whom prefer to stay away from the fighting side of Basileus…we offer you a chance to make some Basileus Building/pixel Art!
This can only be done under the following guide lines:

  • Must match an Empire theme
  • Must be artistic and aesthetically appealing
  • Must not be basic, built out of dirt, or look like a standard structure that could be found on any server
  • Must not have any iron doors or iron trapdoors anywhere; only wooden ones
  • Must be able to be passed through at ground level
  • Must not have Elevators–only for embedding
  • You must ask me for personal Permission per build
  1. All clans may attack this “Artist Clan” and spoil their resources
  2. Clans can also contract you, to make them a build!—You choose the price!
  3. Only “Artist Clans” can purchase protection signs!—only on occasions is it otherwise.
  4. These builds will have protectors
  5. Another thing, Artist clans can be attacked while building! So make sure your employers are protecting you!

For all Fighting clans

  • This will be a perk for contests held at specific times!
  • And for Purchasing necessities

They also will go by the same guide lines when built

Introducing another Perk: Baliandrew Treasure Hunts

Baliandrew Treasure Hunts: is a Hunt that will be given to players to solve clues leading them to treasures!

They will be located at this build site:

Considering becoming an Emperor: Pm me saying you would like to become one; along with posting your in-game-name. Then for the player supporting you: pm their in-game-name; and have them pm me saying they are supporting you–stating your name and their own!

Supporting an Emperor: Pm me stating the player you would like support (in-game-name); along with your own!
Or if you don’t know any—I will send you the list of all of our Emperors, who would gladly allow more members!

To wrap up all the details!
I would like to say to all:
Have Fun to Conquer and Reign!

Now Open!!!

Join a clan today!

Present Clans:

  1. Strider_the_boss

  • @Dagger_Mace —(Ign—Dagger_Mace). (This clan, none of the members have been recently active, as far as I know)
  1. Electric_man
  2. Superfalcon123
  3. Enzerze
  4. 24lovefancy

  1. Jiayizhu
  2. Shahmmm
  3. Stefani0987
  4. Allig8tor
  5. Haileyjoychannel
  6. Prototype
  7. WumboJumbo
  8. Husky lover
  9. Darkhorse
  10. CgGone a.k.a Muisc_Lover
  11. Epicgamer101
  12. Rosie Posie 101
  13. Bekah Blue 101
  14. Brer-Rabbit
  15. Titan
  16. Deadliestitan
  17. I know there has to be another :joy:





  • TheKnexguy—(Ign. TheKnexGuy)
  1. Breejillian

  • 222Oreo333—(Ign. 222Oreo333)
  1. Ashley
  2. TLWV
  3. Joe
  4. Porkythechop
  5. Ark1

  • Blocky1 —(Ign. Unknown)
  1. 99Wolves

  • Frater_Galaxy —(ign. Soupchef)
  1. Shadow_Katt
    2 Devyn

  • I-Love-Creation —(Ign. I~Love~Jesus)
  1. Wingysam
  2. DGPG
  3. Caelestis
  4. Shariu
  5. Masterbuilder
  6. Warriors Tide

Here is our Basileus Album
I will be open to add any players pictures they captured while playing…to the album, if they make the cut :wink:




Basileus Videos!
Baliandrew Treasure Hunts 2

Basileus News 1

Basileus News 2

Basileus News 3


Thank you for making a temp thread until the real one is fixed :smiley:


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I cant join he says there is a whitelist :sob:

You have to have someone Vouch for you

Why can’t you join?

He can’t join because he is banned

Why is he banned??

Hello! I’ve been waiting to join Basileus (hm) until I was more active, still not too active but want to see the wonders it has to offer.



@Strider_the_boss I am unaware of the situation, would you like to pm me?

Also, @kittycattw you will be added soon, sorry for the delay! :wink:

@Celadon I’ll get you in, do you have a clan you would preferably want to join?


I would like to join either @Arcturus or @222oreo333’s clan, but that’s dependent on whether or not they decide to recruit me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I’m in arcs clan and I’ll say one thing

If you join Oreos clan you will get hugged aka killed


@kittycattw is there a clan you would like to join?
Added @Celadon

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@Celadon I’m gonna be inactive on basileus until 1.7, due to the beta version taking over the game. We can talk more once I can regularly come on again if you’d like


Could you invite me? My In game name is Th0masterharambe

I’ve been quite busy due to school related work, but maybe I could kill some time during winter break.
Oh, Titan you can join ours.


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