Basileus Pictures (All finally released!)


Hey everyone!
I hope this new year has been treating you very well! :grinning:

I’ve come across of a bit of time and I thought I would put together all of my pictures from Basileus!
There are a lot! :sweat_smile:

(I would have added comentary, but it’s really laggy in edit mode) :joy:
Any questions feel free to holler! :wink:

Here it goes!




If you have made it this far…:joy:
Thank you for taking the time to view them!
Hope you had fun too!


So… many… images…


Oh the nostalgia!


Haha yes there are A LOT!!
You should have seen me when adding them to the post :sweat_smile:

But for those who were involved in some of the pictures, it’s worth the wait! :wink:

Definitely @Joe “hmm generic protections signs!” :joy:
Location: a bit lower then the middle section of the photos :upside_down_face:


rip in peace Joe the fourth, i will always remember how far you came :,)


Hahah oh man how I always wanted to reveal our mischievous plans!
If I don’t recall correctly he had a gold rush stroke :thinking:
You pushed him too far for the last treasure chest :smirk:


Thanks for sharing these pics @I-Love-Creation. Great times on the server!
The Basileus Rewarder games were outstanding too! It was very inventive and entertaining :slight_smile:


I didn’t think I’d be in any of these.

I was in three. Crazy


I’ve seen enough Little Horse to know where this is going

Really nostalgic, thanks for sharing


A lot of really fun memories. We all had a great time on Basileus, running, hiding, mining, fighting and dying together. I loved building the treasure hunts too. Here are are a few more pictures of the clues and the water maze.

Star by @222oreo333
And here are pictures of the very special farewell gift that our wonderful regulars created for @I-Love-Creation


Haha yes it was a blast, loved every minute!
Sadly I didn’t snatch any photos of our maze before the server went offline–hopefully wingy will respond sometime or another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for adding those @Shariu! :blush:

If anyone else happens to have photos of Basileus adventures, feel free to share them :grinning:


i think i’ve posted this once before, but here’s everyone taking shelter at spawn after being massacred by Hello :- )

good times huh fellas B)


Is this server still running or dead


It’s dead, unfortunately. Even before it was, my time zone made it seem so when I played on it.

I would add my few pictures, but uh…they are of me raiding someone’s really plentiful base, so it sort of ruins the beauty.


Heheh @Caelestis that picture! :joy:
I love it! It’s one of the better group photos I’ve seen! If not the best!
Everyone must have been on while I slept :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@asyc I’m glad you enjoyed Basileus Reward! I had
tons of fun making those! :nerd_face:
I would have to say other than Donkey detective: @Arcturus’s “Alternate Accounts” was the best addition to the bunch!

@BUILDITME1 sadly the server is currently down, (it’s a Mac server).
@Wingysam is the one hosting it on his Mac. Intentions on actually reviving the server are not really sought for. I rather would just have it to build on here and there when time permits.
Although, contacting wingy has been pretty hard to achieve (for me) :joy:

@Alexandra_Inglorien I would love to see those raiding photos! :sunglasses:

Also, some of the pictures up in the OP might be confusing unless you were present, so if your curious it’s gets the best of you…I’ll do my best to explain the picture :wink:


Some of them are raid pictures and some of them are rescues.


Nostalgic ;D


Sorry, how do I join? I tried the IP/Port, but It kept searching for a long time.


Looks to currently be offline or some such equivalent, which is probably why you can’t manage to join.