Battle scars: the pvp/city server!

hello blockheads forums!
My server, battle scars has been open for a while now and a lot of people have been playing there. I thought that maybe other people may be interested in playing there!
Battle scars is owned by fearless. (Me) and is a survival/pvp/city server.
Here is our welcome message -
this server is a city, survival, pvp server. On this server we have no active admins so that everyone on the server has equal chances, however if an admin needs to be involved please alert a mod.
Punishment for breaking rules depends on the mod’s judgement.
In order for a civilisation to be a city it must have at least 3 citizens and a town hall that complies to the following-
• town halls must have no furniture other than signs, stairs, shelves, chests, windows, trapdoors, ladders and columns. This includes doors, beds, and more.
•town halls must include the city’s logo and important information such as the person in charge, government (if it has a government), city rules, enemies and other, similar things.
•no farms in the townhall.
•prisons using iron doors are allowed but if found door hiding you will be banned.
every city must have a logo that can fit onto a sign. This is in case another city wants to claim a city. You may only claim cities that are abandoned. The contents of the town hall will then be cleared out by an admin and the ownership changed.
If a townhall fits all these requirements, call an admin over to place a small protection sign. (towns are civilisations that don’t meet this requirement)
An empire is made when three cities are governed by one player. The leader may allow others to govern and build up each city. The leader chooses who can make a city in their empire and who is allowed to join them.
Benefits of an empire?
A separate empire prison!
Here we do not like to slam the ban hammer but we will have to if we must, for example if you are a hacker of any sort.
We will not discriminate here, if you break our rules we will try to let you off easy but, depending on what you have done, you will be punished justly.
We would like to welcome all players, from experienced to new, however I must remind you that this server is a pvp server and whining is not acceptable. You will die at some point here.
please do not beg, it doesn’t get you anywhere and is irritating!
griefing, stealing and killing is allowed and accepted in this server. No killing in the centre of spawn.
If you make a drop kill hole, please fix it after.
No leaving in a pvp situation to prevent death. You may only leave in a pvp situation if you have a proper reason.
Teleportation is set to diamond portal only. This prevents most running away during pvp situations, which is legal here.
no hacking, duplicating, glitching or cheating in any way, this will be punished more severely.
No sluices, this is meant to be a challenging server and sluices kind of corner cut that.
No solar panels. No titanium armour or jet packs. Just making you life a bit harder :wink:
No swearing, discriminating or petty/immature words. No talk of religion, age or other, similar things here, especially with younger players who have more suseptable minds. Please remember that you should not abuse others for their sexuality.
No safes please. Safe users will be punished severely. However you may use cabinets.
No spawn door hiding or pausing! It’s annoying and cowardly!
That’s pretty much it! I don’t really mind if people have not read this, they will still be punished justly. It’s better to read, know and advoid than not read and head down the wrong path.Thank you.
only the strong can survive…
…but only the clever can truly thrive.
maximum warnings before ban - 3
/warnlevel - lets you check how many warnings you have
(staff only) /warn - adds a warning and shows warnings left
(staff only) /unwarn - removes a warning from them, doesn’t unban
(staff only) /warnlevel - checks warnings
(admin only) /set-warnings sets warnings to a certain number
if you say any words deemed as inappropriate, you will be automatically warned.
mods will temp ban for 2 hours when possible instead of banning.
(staff only) /temp-ban - bans for a week
joining triggers are made for anyone who asks for when they join
When a player dies a death message will be sent into chat.
when a player is hit twice, a pvp message will be sent to chat.
server is automatically rebooted every 24 hours.
the bot only works when I have it running!
Here are a few landmarks and cities -

From top to bottom: one of our many cities, akikio! Our special events arena! a city from the orange confederation city civilisation! And our only empire so far, namgo!
If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!


I’ve checked it out for a little bit before you posted the thread, it seems like a very fun and entertaining server!


Thanks for the feedback! I hope you continue to play and enjoy it! :sweat_smile::grin:

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This server looks so fun!

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Thank you! Hope you’ll consider having a glance at it someday! :hugs:

Hope you have bandages for the many scars I will get :joy:. Will join

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You may get quite beaten up! Good to know you’ll give it a go!:wink:

Thanks for the consideration, blueflower!:hugs:

Good to know that you enjoy it! :smile:

Can you please post the world rules as text, rather than images?


The builds are very amazing! I’m (tries to think a word out) wowed… *purple panda approved.

Sure thing!


I am noob

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Hopefully not too far from namgo empire!!

Add me to whitelist please. IGN: Freeway Killer. Also you never finished your build on Beggar’s Tomb. Pretty good start weeks ago. You never returned.

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We are currently having a bit of work done so the whitelist will be removed tomorrow evening… my apologies for leaving your server!
Update: server is unwhitelisted!

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Banned? What’s your IGN? Any idea who you were banned by and what for?

Hey! i was wondering if you needed anyone to help build anything (such as pixel art, hotels, shops, etc) or to just help out with the server!

We’re fine at the moment but I will call on you if needed! :grin: