Be a noob (forum board mini game)


Pretend to be a new player who is ignorant to what the game is like and what things are called, extra points if you have bad spelling.

I’ll start.

The monkeiy in the tree kil me :sob:


Hly dud der iz a wird buack kuala ni a three dat juzt rktd me


Where can I find chicken? :dodo:


They’re actually parrots.


How do you shear the birds?


My buffalow died… :cry:


Wow! I just found a stone turkeh


plox gvee me adon i wan adon an nam bloo


adom’ meh wanna ado,a


@nothingwhatsoever Should every forums game be in LPW? Nah.


How do u kil dose werd koala thing stuff whats from Da trees? Plz halp!


How do you get horses?


I’ve been playing this game for over six years. :cool:


Bruh…I’ve been playing for 8 years. Beat that!


Oh mur gurds!11! Is a bluu gooblin! (Cave troll)


kani b adom I promis I wil b good adom meen ur nam yelo psl dony bend mi


I shall represent not only conversations with a noob, but noobs who can spell. xD I don’t care about the extra points–a lot of non-native English speakers aren’t noobs, and a lot of noobs type normal.

Someone: Can I use your benches?
Noob: Benches?
Oh you mean the BED lol. It’s called a bed.

Someone Suffering: Watch out for the dropbear.
Noob: Those are called spiders. :slight_smile: You must be new to this game.

Based on a true story.


The most popular noob statement tho:

“Can I have admin?”


Where are you?


Cana they stipid koala getet of me treh.