Be a noob (forum board mini game)


goys uf you gith a teurkey tree aples it guts a nome! Ad you cun rid it!


Noob101 has joined
Admin: Hello
Noob101: hawize i loikez chikn nugetz.
Admin: Uhhh ok?
Noob101: nowz thatz i haz ur a 10 shun, giv mehw freh teecee nowzz!! or u iz mean admoinszes
Admin: Sorry, free tc is bad.
Noob101: uzes iz means den. im’maa lev now
Asmin: Ok, bye.

20 minutes later

Noob101: ok bie imm’eha levn cuz dizs serveah suks it izs so borig an deh admoinszeses r dub an maen an anoyein an yeh. zo bie

5 minutes later

Noob101: immaheh laevn nowzzzzzz
Noob101 has left


Ha giys oh find a cafe trull hu licks goold cons


Nou! I fund bug! Whai me bl03kh3ad d1e?


Wachts de bog? Me feel Davy to fax ot


Me gut hat bai sum blu monser


Sam has a menie!


What happens if you ban yourself?

This is me being a noob and also a legitimate question.


You are banned.

Dude com halp me im stuk pls giv adom i am die in inn da mazze


I tound a brucken suphire ut ist puinty are de buttom an ist bloo an wite


Hey guys, a new trick I found about, you won’t believe what it is!

Did you know that if you cut trees top to bottom you get more stuff? I know right, unbelievable! :scream:


Omg i cursed on a sever nd da admin gave me a new free unobtainable item called a ban!


fri adom fro everi1!!!


gvr me oner portel paswird too!!!


I gav u teh portel


Were is it i think the union monser tok it


i kil the union it was monsr no need to thank me


One day in a server with Darkhorse as a staff, a noob asked for admin
N00b: I wenna b edmen
.DARKHORSE.: no asking for staff member there
N00b: I sayd I ned admen
.DARKHORSE.: /ban n00b


Why Darkhorse? Did this actually happen? Lol.

I temed a elephent with carot


what is creshly haked