Be a noob (forum board mini game)


Wher iz de unowm giv itt haere i wat ot nowwwwwww i wat 2b c00l


y iz teecee saf no wokin’ i ned meh free teeceeeeeeee (i do not need tc safes nor do I want tc safes nor do tc safes work, this is just for this thread :tongue:


Wat es des waiet/reid/greesey culurd apsaid daon crus? (The Iron/Bronze/Titan sword respectively)


I found a diamond block!


watz dat bloo jem in da corndoger caled?


I’m Bob, I made this game.


high me pineaple


low me bloky


Y iz evry1 haz racon profle pictre?


Wai mst peple arr useng mejac daev aimajes?


On Skylands Arena, before yellow names were released…

majicDave joins

Dave: Hi

Jemni: Hi

Brer: Hi

Random guy: Owner Jemni please make my name yellow that Dave guy has a red name

Jemni: I don’t have the ability to do that.

That is a real conversation that happened back in October. No offense to whoever asked to be yellow, it was just really funny.


I want bloo nam


were is the jump buton again


my broter made thiss gamme giv adom or he wll clowd bann You. And not. Beallaowed 2plait. Bhs.


Theirs gwitch, time cristal saves donnt wark anymure


whi dose milaa gett 2. Hav a costume tittle i wannt on giv me “Kriptonite”


(Yay! I got 3 hearts for my first noob message :slight_smile: I had the idea when a friend asked why BH characters don’t jump xD Also, I don’t think noobs spell that bad… Just a few words that doesn’t change the message that much so that I have to actually take 10 minutes to try to figure out.)

wut is a blockheads


Hw do u maek a snta hatt?


Weth limen and da urange pairs


Why is ur name grween and my name wite