Be a noob (forum board mini game)


Were is it i think the union monser tok it


i kil the union it was monsr no need to thank me


One day in a server with Darkhorse as a staff, a noob asked for admin
N00b: I wenna b edmen
.DARKHORSE.: no asking for staff member there
N00b: I sayd I ned admen
.DARKHORSE.: /ban n00b


Why Darkhorse? Did this actually happen? Lol.

I temed a elephent with carot


who dis maumma miah in piza oveen


what is creshly haked


Wher iz de unowm giv itt haere i wat ot nowwwwwww i wat 2b c00l


y iz teecee saf no wokin’ i ned meh free teeceeeeeeee (i do not need tc safes nor do I want tc safes nor do tc safes work, this is just for this thread :tongue:


Wat es des waiet/reid/greesey culurd apsaid daon crus? (The Iron/Bronze/Titan sword respectively)


I found a diamond block!


Omj iz pewdieepii haiii


watz dat bloo jem in da corndoger caled?


I’m Bob, I made this game.


high me pineaple


low me bloky


Y iz evry1 haz racon profle pictre?


Wai mst peple arr useng mejac daev aimajes?


On Skylands Arena, before yellow names were released…

majicDave joins

Dave: Hi

Jemni: Hi

Brer: Hi

Random guy: Owner Jemni please make my name yellow that Dave guy has a red name

Jemni: I don’t have the ability to do that.

That is a real conversation that happened back in October. No offense to whoever asked to be yellow, it was just really funny.


I want bloo nam


Whoi nut yelluo neme ur rud neme