Be a noob (forum board mini game)


What does it lok likee? Also i found a piece of land floating in the sky. Maybe it rocketed itself up there. :rocket: :point_up_2: :milky_way: :palm_tree: there was a glowey tree with gems on it. It was like magyk. I broke it. : D


I dink dey are haker tres so I alway brake dem


Omg why u remove free TC we need free TC for servers and stuff it’s too expensive omg that’s it’s I’m uninstalling and giving u 1 star for the worst game ever made I’m totally not telling my friends about it :triumph::astonished::japanese_goblin::imp::skull::japanese_ogre::skull_and_crossbones::imp::alien::japanese_ogre::skull_and_crossbones::japanese_goblin::skull::nauseated_face::rage::innocent::fearful::innocent::anguished::scream::mask::rage::skull_and_crossbones::face_with_thermometer::lying_face::mask::smiling_imp::imp::ghost:


Please make my name purple, owner.


(this happened to me)

Me: hello there.
Other person(OP): hi can i have free tc?
Me: would you like a starter pack? it has alot of stuff like unknowns and colored items.
OP: okay

two minutes later…

OP: ty for tc but can i have a supershop?
Me: theres one in the starter pack
OP: no there isnt its just a shop
Me: place it down
OP:oh yay
literally 17 seconds later
OP: can i have admin? psldpsdlspfsllsplsplsplspls
Me: how about mod?
OP leaves


Why were there unknowns and supershops?!





oh you meant why were unknowns in the starters? i didnt even do that, some guy made it for me and i gave him a stack of diamond portals


Can i hve a rainbow thiig cretre


uh akshully its promunced HAX UNOWNS and yuo spellded gummie bear rong XD


Make my na purple please hipiy hoiy

and aslo i saw a mooze


okyay haved p ruple nam jus chnage in bolckheda mirrer

is nit mooze is a indianese buffelo


o ok bbut ineed admin so i can destroy ur serger please adman me


I found a stegosaurus


no yuo getted GREEN name. and you dont ned adim for changed persun??
im guna ban u.

deldy was a spegtourus??


Nah de stogowaurus eated me it haz ene iye and ist bloo


ohhhh i rembembererer…

also i planted a milion doe does in yuor hu ho hsup
sory i cant spel hose ) like plase you life in)


What is the green name mean


no adim just mod > : (
yuo were meen to me so no adim!!!