Be a noob (forum board mini game)


Make my na purple please hipiy hoiy

and aslo i saw a mooze


okyay haved p ruple nam jus chnage in bolckheda mirrer

is nit mooze is a indianese buffelo


o ok bbut ineed admin so i can destroy ur serger please adman me


I found a stegosaurus


no yuo getted GREEN name. and you dont ned adim for changed persun??
im guna ban u.

deldy was a spegtourus??


Nah de stogowaurus eated me it haz ene iye and ist bloo


ohhhh i rembembererer…

also i planted a milion doe does in yuor hu ho hsup
sory i cant spel hose ) like plase you life in)


What is the green name mean


no adim just mod > : (
yuo were meen to me so no adim!!!


i need admin to fuly destroyvyour sirvir


Yu cun be admun un my srever bot Yu nead to teuch me to three tome cristils


teim cristels are useliss now .7 is releezed.


Uk, cun we but 7.1 in cage now? Dat wey it’s nut releezed


plese do i haet it. unnicorns are dum, bufalos are dum, and notheng good. alsoe, PAYED FOR SERVER??? EW




I’m a mad anime server player! Put back free tc and paying for servers with tc boi -.-


Uk, mi dud warks fur mikrosuft he cun hakk it fur yu and mack tome cristils three


Tyyyy ie reely apreciatee eet!


Tiem cruestelz az crEdis 4 claud arr nao reel maony.


I eated a rew do do burd